Epson - WorkForce ET-16500 EcoTank® Wide Format Wireless All-in-One Printer - Black

Save money on ink with this Epson WorkForce EcoTank wide-format all-in-one printer. The super-sized ink tanks are easy to fill and can last for up to 11,000 color pages, and you can use low-cost inks to save money. The no-cartridge system in this Epson WorkForce EcoTank wide-format all-in-one printer assures serious eco-responsibility.

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What's Included

  • Epson WorkForce ET-16500 EcoTank® Wireless All-in-One Printer
  • CD-ROM
  • Power cord
  • 2 bottles 774 Black (140 mL)
  • 2 bottles each 664 Cyan, Magenta, Yellow (70 mL)
  • Owner's manual

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
95% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (90 out of 95)

Energy Ratings


Cartridge-free printing

Comes with up to 2 years of ink in the box¹.

Be sure you have the right cartridge

Enter your printer's model number into our Ink and Toner Finder to find compatible cartridges. Get started ›

Unbeatable convenience

Includes enough ink to print up to 10,500 pages black/11,000 pages color².

Easy-to-use replacement ink bottles instead of cartridges

Save up to 80% on ink with low-cost replacement bottles plus the easy-to-fill, supersized ink tanks³.

Fast print speeds up to 18 ISO ppm* in black, up to 10 ISO ppm* in color

To generate documents quickly.

Inkjet printers are best for home or small business use

They offer excellent print quality for photos and documents and accept a variety of paper types and sizes.

Wireless and mobile printing capability

Connect this printer to your home or office network with built-in Ethernet or wireless LAN.

Tablet and smartphone printing

Epson Connect enables simple wireless printing from most smartphones, tablets and more.

Apple® AirPrint enabled

For Apple iPad® and iPhone® printing.

Up to 4800 x 1200 dpi (dots per inch) color resolution

High resolution for producing incredible quality and detail in documents and photos.

Large paper trays for your high-volume printing

Reload less often with the 500-sheet input tray.4.3" color touchscreen displayPreview your images on the screen, and edit them before you print.

1 USB port for simple connectivity

1 high-speed USB 2.0 port offers a standard connection to your PC or a simple way to plug in and print with a USB drive, camera or other device.

More print, copy and scan solutions

Automatically print 2-sided documents, scan documents to your computer or directly to e-mail, send quick faxes and more.

Apple, the Apple logo, iPod, iPad and Apple AirPrint are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

*Requires a high-speed Internet connection.

Print speeds vary with use. See manufacturer for info on print speeds.

¹ Based on average monthly print volumes of about 300 pages.

² Included ink bottle yields based on the ISO/ IEC 24712 pattern with Epson's methodology. Actual ink yields will vary considerably for reasons including images printed, print settings, temperature and humidity.

Yields may be lower when printing infrequently or predominantly with one ink color. All ink colors are used for printing and printer maintenance, and all colors have to be installed for printing.

For print quality, part of the ink from the included ink packs is used for printer startup and a variable amount of ink remains in the ink pack after the "replace ink pack" signal.

³ Savings comparison based on the purchase cost of replacement ink bottles and the cost of enough cartridges to achieve the total page yields of the bottles using the manufacturers' online prices and yields

for the highest-capacity cartridges for the best-selling consumer inkjet printers priced at $499 or less per NPD, June 2015. Actual savings will vary based on print tasks, print volumes and usage conditions.

Toner costs based on manufacturers' ISO yields and online pricing; printer costs based on NPD average selling price. Actual savings will vary based on usage conditions.

Overall customer rating

would recommend to a friend



  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Save time and Money with this printer!!


    The unboxing: The printer arrived two days ago in a bulky brown box that was wheeled in with a dolly. When I opened it, it was neatly packaged in Styrofoam that protected the top and bottom from shipping impact. After removing the Styrofoam, I found that this packaging material held the ink bottles, installation instructions and the power cord. The unit was wrapped in protective plastic that was easy to remove. There were little pieces of blue tape in several places that were easy to see and remove. The tape kept any moving parts from shifting during shipping. When I took everything apart and finally placed the printer (which required help from my husband because it is pretty heavy) in my office, the unit fit very easily and securely on top of the existing printer cabinet I had. Not as bulky as I feared it would be when the box arrived. Initial setup: I followed the instructions on the pamphlet which were numbered and easy to understand. Filling the ink was so cool! I liked how the plugs had a resting place during fill so that they didn't get dirty or misplaced during filling. I squeezed the black ink in pretty quickly so it bubbled up which made it so the whole bottle wouldn't fit the first time. I let the bubbles settle and then squeezed a little slower the second time and watching the reservoir fill up was really neat. Never again will I have to question whether I have ink or not. I learned from my initial experience and filled the other colors more slowly. All the ink from the bottles fit in the tanks and right up to the visible fill line. I then connected the power cord and waited for the magic to happen. The LCD touch screen lit up and gave me instructions that were also easy to follow. I was able to update the date and time and set my language settings. I then pressed the start button as instructed and waited for my test page. Alas, I knew everything was going too smooth. I got a paper jam error message despite not having put any paper in yet. I looked into the unit to make sure I had not missed any blue pieces of tape and then followed the un-jam instructions showing on the screen. I then moved the printer head from the starting right position over to the left and when it wouldn't slide, I noticed that there was a flat cable that had been dislodged (probably during shipping) that was blocking the way. I moved this cable over and voila, the unit was in perfect working order! I then popped the CD into my PC and was expecting all kinds of instructions on how to set my printer up to print on command. Low and behold, the CD and on-line update did EVERYTHING for me. I barely had to select two options before I was ready to print and scan and fax and do all the wonderful things this machine could do for me. I also was issued an e-mail address so that if I was across town and wanted to print something, it would be waiting for me when I got back to the office. I didn't have to be in the same building as the printer to get it to do my work for me! I can easily use any device (Android phone, Fire tablet, and PC) connected to my WiFi network to print from as well as e-mail items from other computers and networks. The use: The printing was fast and crisp. The colors did not run together and the pages were dry to the touch immediately after ejection. The pages also did not come out curved like my other printer did so taping them to the walls or gluing them together is easier now. I also like how I can command it to scan to any device hooked up to the network from the on-board touch screen. I can also scan to the web or my Google account and have someone in another place access the scan. No need for faxing anymore! The top load scanner works smoothly and also does double sided scans and copies without taking an excessive amount of time to process. Since the initial set up, I have not had a single jam issue with the machine and I am almost a whole ream in. Rating: I for sure award this machine 5 stars. Not only is it a huge upgrade from what I had before (and not that big of a price difference either), it is operating completely as advertised. I am more productive now in the office which saves me time and money and will pay for itself in ink savings versus the cost of replacement toner in no time at all. One week Update: I have been using the printer almost daily for a full week now. The printer just keeps amazing me. Printers stay with us for years. I was hesitant about this printer because the price tag is a bit steep and I didn't think I needed all the options but man am I glad I have them now! I look at it as someone who drives a manual transmission and never wanted to switch to automatic... until they did! . It was only a couple hundred more than what I paid for my Samsung wireless printer and yet this one does so much more and so much faster than the other one. It's like I'm my own print shop! The ink in this machine is already lasting me longer than my toner was and the machine comes with an extra refill so I'm set for the next 2 years. And I have still not received any jams since the initial set up. If I have any negative or unexpected experiences, I will update my review but so far so good! This is a review for the Epson ET-16500 EcoTank that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    A great printer...especially for larger sizes


    This product is being tested for use in my home-based architectural office. I am a staff of one and print frequently - mostly 11x17 reductions of full size blue print drawings and PDF’s. We also occasionally print photos, maps, multipage contract documents, etc. We use the scanner/copier functions frequently to copy previous project work as0built document from already existing buildings. We have used HP OfficeJet and Photosmart and various Canon individual units and multifunction units since the late 1990’s. We've had several over the years, and they've always given many years of service, with few problems and low operating cost. We currently have and HP Officejet 7610 and Canon ip7220 as our printers. In trying to acquire a printer that uses less “consumables” then our current units, I have come across the Eco-Tank units of Epson. Specifically the ET-16500. These units use the high-yield ink bottle and tank refill system for the ink as opposed to the often replaced style of ink cartridge so commonly found in today’s inkjet printers. The 4 color system, Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow, uses bottles said to print up to 4,000 pages before a refill is required. Though, I have been printing my steady rate for the past 8 days plus some additional “playful test printing” I have come no where close to the 4,00 page refill point, nor I have seemed to even put a dent in the amount of ink in the tanks. At approximately $20.00 per bottle for a refill of each color, I am thinking at this stage of the game that this will be a money saver. Stay tuned. Initial set-up of this unit was a bit of a struggle as I did not have a printer cable to do a direct cable setup, nor did the unit come with the installation CD and quick setup set guide from the factory - oops. No problem, once I was able to acquire the installation software (easily acquired from the Epson website), I attempted to setup the printer wirelessly to my home network. Once the installation was complete, the printer seemingly printed nothing but “garbage”, miscellaneous computer code type text on every page that came out of the unit. Driver updates, removing and reinstalling the printer and installing it on multiple computers would not change this. It was at this point that I acquired a printer cable and reinstalled the printer to my computers via a hard wire connection and everything was fixed. The printer began, and continues, to print flawlessly as I expected. Once the hard wired installation was complete, I reconfigured the setup of the printer on each computer so as to be able to print wirelessly and that function now also works over every computer, laptop, tablet and phone throughout my office and home. The printing from this unit is very good. It is actually much better then I expected. It is very fast, both in transfer time and actual print time. The varying level of greyscale print that I use with my cad software transfers perfectly and the blacks are very blacks. I am impressed. The color is also nice. Though I have not printed more then 2 or 3 images to date, it does a much better job on images than I expected - even on plain paper - out of a multi-fiction unit. I want to get some glossy photo paper and print a few of my professionally photographed building images to test it’s limits next. I'm sure a dedicated inkjet photo printer would do better. But that said, if you aren't too picky, the prints from this Epson ET-16500 - on better paper, should be very good and I doubt most people would have much issue with the quality even for framing. Stay tuned for the tests. Side note, I have even tested printing colored “iron-on” pages for some t-shirts that I am making at home. Fantastic quality. The scanner/copier also seems fine to me. The scanning quality it better then that of my current HP Officejet 7610 and it prints whatever is on the page (no cutting off an edge). Copy quality is as good as the original. As I stated earlier, I do not scan and copy as much as a print, so this is a bonus to me when I do actually use these functions. It is nice to have the ability of good quality copies and scans when needed. The bonus of this particular unit is the fact that it has two papers trays. I have never owned a unit with multiple paper trays and the fact that I have have a tray for letter and a tray for ledger with what seems to me to be a very large capacities make me very excited. No longer having a need for two printers, each with it’s own size paper is fantastic and the fact that I don’t refill the trays what seems like every day with a blessing. They are easily accessible and easily refillable and with a few easy tweaks to each tray, changing the paper size in each tray is also very simple. While I didn't mean to write so much (I rarely remember to write reviews), but we are so happy with this Epson that I wanted to say so. I'm giving it 5 stars because I have no complaints so far with what it does. The print quality and overall functionality are excellent. I am very excited for continued use of this printer and I hope for many years of quality printing. I would highly recommend this printer to anyone with similar small business needs/requirements as myself.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Amazing Printer


    This is a review for the Epson ET-16500 EcoTank that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review. So far, I'm really loving using my Epson ET-16500. I've been using black and white laser printers for years since I've always felt like inkjet printer ink was far too expensive. That has all changed with the introduction of Epson's EcoTank printers. The ink is extremely affordable and last a long time. It's probably less than it cost to buy cartridges for a budget printer and the ink last many times longer in the Epson EcoTank printers. You get two sets of bottles in the box which is probably enough to last most homes or offices up to two years. The first set of bottles will be very slightly depleted by the initial charging process. As mentioned above you get two sets of refills. You only fill with the first set so you can save the other set back for when each tank needs refilled. The filling process can be messing. I recommend either wearing gloves while filling them or if not available at least put a plastic bag over your hands. You should also put a piece of paper or bag under the area where you are filling the tanks. The bottles have foil covers on them that you have to remove and it's very easy to transfer ink from the foil to your hands when removing them. When emptying the bottles into the tanks they may gurgle and splatter a little also which is way you should really keep your hands and desk covered. Overall, it's super quick and easy to refill the tanks so please don't let this aspect scare you away. The printer features many connectivity options. It supports both Wi-Fi and Ethernet as well as USB connectivity. There is a memory card reader and a front USB port for plugging cameras, other devices, or thumb drives directly into. You can scan directly to external storage. There is a RJ-45 port for faxing. There is a nice large and nice quality touchscreen. This allows you to very easily change various functions on the printer and print directly from your external storage or devices. There are two paper cassettes and a rear paper feeder. The two cassettes have covers so the paper doesn't get dusty or anything. Each cassette holds 250 sheets of plain paper or 10 envelopes. The rear tray is single sheet feet only and can feed card-stock up to 68lbs. The cassettes extend out and can hold up to 13x19" paper. There is an automatic document feeder for the scanner. It can support up to 11x17" paper. The scanning and copying function is quick and works great. I haven't had any issues with it. This is such a versatile printer. I'm using it for basically everything. When I discovered you can print directly to 13x19" paper I was extremely happy. This is a wonderful size to print family tree charts and is really invaluably to someone that frequently does that type of research. I've already printed many photos and the quality is excellent. It prints photos even large ones very quickly. I've been using Epson's Matte Photo paper and it looking so high quality and like it came out of a photo lab. If you are like me and frequently use you mobile devices and want to print there are decent options for iOS users. I haven't used an Android device yet. The Epson iPrint app is pretty good. It is a little slow an clunky when working with photos even on my iPad Pro. Although the website says there is support for Apple Airprint it doesn't appear the printer actually supports it yet. There is also no mention of it in the manual. This means you are pretty much stuck using Epson's app to print. I hope support is added for it in the future. You can also set up an Epson service that gives the printer its own email address. You just attach a file or photo to the email and the printer will automatically print it out. You initially get a random email address but you can set up a custom address. You can also set it to only print from certain addresses. I really love the large amount of options you have as far as the size of papers you can print to. It's also a huge time saver since you can load 250 sheets of in each tray even different sizes in each. I currently have standard letter paper loaded in one and 13x19" in the other. The amount of ink you get with the printer is a huge value and it's so cheap to purchase refills. The cost per sheet is about as low as you can get. Overall, this is an amazing and versatile printer and I highly recommend it.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Impressive Array of Features with Great Print Qual


    As other reviewers have noted, I received this product in exchange for an honest and open review. Following is what I hope you'll find is useful and helpful information. This printer is massive. It's larger than most laser printers I've owned. However, for its size, its weight is around 60 pounds. It is easily un-boxed, despite the weight, and you can complete the set up quickly, too. This machine features a total of three paper trays. One handles regular papers and envelopes, the other handles heavyweight or special paper. The remaining tray is a manual feed tray. The two main trays hold around 300 pages or so of standard paper. The really nice thing is that both main trays will allow paper up to size 11x17 inches. Not many printers have this feature. There's even room for A3+, Other selections include 3x5, 4x6, 6x8, 8x10, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, as well as legal and tabloid size papers. The ink supplied is, for an average user, enough for about two years' worth of printing, according to Epson. Or, it is about the equivalent of what might be contained in about 55 standard inkjet cartridges. Thankfully, though, there are no cartridges to buy for this revolutionary Epson printer. Simply (and, I do mean simply) fill the ink tanks with the supplied, bottled inks, and then set the device to "charge the ink tanks" in about 20 minutes. Begin printing laser quality prints immediately thereafter. The scanner allows your choice of scans in full color or black and white. The really exceptional thing with this printer is that the scanner readily allows scans from an impressive variety of document sizes--all the way up to 11x17 inches. To really make a great all-in-one, though, in my opinion, you must have an auto document feeder. Epson must have known that, too, since the Epson Workforce Eco Tank ET-16500 has its own auto document feeder. This just makes copying, scanning and faxing multi-page documents a breeze. A full-color, touch screen LCD allows you to adjust settings quickly, and quick-access buttons alongside the touchscreen make functions like copy, scan, and fax even easier. Another useful feature is that by using the simple touchscreen, you can store contact information for up to 200 speed-dial fax recipients.. A flash media card reader makes it possible to print directly from flash media cards. USB, wired (Ethernet) and WiFi connections to your network are no problem to set-up using the printer's touchscreen and its pre-installed connection wizard software. Print speeds are fast enough, and they are up to par with my expectations. Print quality is, frankly, impressive. You can actually get laser quality prints from this all-in-one, revolutionary printer. Epson's proprietary printing technology also makes exceptionally efficient use of ink. This device takes its use of the word "Eco" to the mark by being better for the environment. The ET-16500 is certified as an Energy Star product, using less energy and less ink to deliver better, Epson quality. The only thing that is perhaps missing from this AWESOME printing solution is it's own cabinet in which to store paper or extra ink bottles. But, really, who needs a built in cabinet to store ink when you have Epson's ink tanks as your built-in storage solution? You can certainly store almost an entire ream of paper in both the main paper trays. For home office to small office solutions to your printing, copying, faxing and scanning needs, the Epson Workforce Eco Tank ET-16500 is sure to be very hard to beat.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Eco-friendly, tons of features, good image quality


    The Epson ET-16500 is a nice printer with tons of business oriented features such as double side scan and print, dual paper tray, large size prints, network and WiFI capable, etc. What makes this printer apart is the refill system that I really like as it is environmental friendly where you can refill the toner when they ran out instead of replacing the whole ink cartridge. The idea reminded me a lot of what Canon has done with their refill system. While my first unit is DOA because of the rough handing by the shipping company, the second unit works without any issue. However, I want to comment on how the printer is packed. I feel that for such a large printer, Epson should package it better as the box that the printer ships in is a bit soft and thin and the Styrofoam used to secure the printer is not too sturdy to secure it during the shipping. Luckily, setting up the printer is fairly easy. Though I did have issue regarding to the refill system. I feel that Epson’s choice of the refill bottle could have been better designed. It is quite difficult not to make a mess when you are flip over the refill bottle to squirt the ink into the ink tank. I would prefer Epson to have angled squirt bottle to prevent any spill. Additionally, the ink tank level indicator is a bit hard to read, especially for a dark ink such as black which could make it easy to spill when comes to refill inks. The location of the ink tank is also slightly inconvenient if you have the printer placed in a tight area. Also, I am not a big fan of the cap of the tank as it is just rubber stopper that I am worried that will cause ink spill if I ever move the printer, not to mention the fact it does not completely seal the ink tank which could mean ink being evaporated. Luckily, the ink reservoir looks large to hold plenty of ink. Though it is hard to judge the actual number of prints that the large amount of ink can print in order to calculate the per page cost until it is time to buy the replacement ink. Epson rated the ink to be 6,000 pages and the replacement ink is relative cheap at $20 The initial setup process is a bit longer than expected since the printer needs to inject the ink into the printer and you have to make sure that the ink level in the tank is more than ½ or it will not complete. Being it a network printer, I set the printer up with wired network via the Ethernet port to my router as oppose to connect to a PC and also have downloaded Epson iPrint on my Android phone and both worked fine without any issue. I did end up having to install Epson’s software onto a PC in order to use some of the printer’s function. Luckily Epson’s software is not too bloated and the UI is fairly easy to use (though it does feel a bit dated). The included touch screen control panel is nice since I can use it to configure the printer. Though, I feel that it is not the most functional and not the easiest to use. It lacks the ability to sync shortcuts created from the web UI. Also, accessing shortcuts requires multiple press instead of just a single press. Copying and scanning also requires multiple taps as oppose to just one button or tap that you found on some other similar all-in-one. I really wish Epson provides the ability to customize the home screen with a couple of quick shortcuts that offers one tap to complete the programmed tasks. Additionally, it would be nice to able to have the ability to set the physical button to just scan and copy as oppose of the need to touch the screen to select scan and then press the physical button to scan. However, this brings to my other complain with the printer. Given to the fact that the printer is meant for business environment, it really should have greater ability to use the various features of the printer without the need of a single PC connect to it. For example, the printer lacks Scan to FTP or Scan to Network, a critical feature that many network printer supports. I use this feature often to save documents to my NAS and not able to do so with the printer is rather disappointed given to its price. I did found a work-around by mapping a network folder on my windows 10 system and use the scan software to scan to that folder. It is not an ideal solution as it means that printer is tied to the PC and need to use the software in order to scan to the folder. This is something that I hope Epson could include in the future update. Another minor complain with the printer is the scan paper tray and document feeder does not holds much paper (about 50 sheets only), which is a bit too small in my opinion for a business oriented printer. Minor complaint aside, the scan speed and the print speed is very fast (one sided). Image quality of the prints is also good. While I did not print a lot of photos, the color images I printed looks good to me. Black and white documents and texts looks sharp and clean. The ink dried very fast and there is leak or wet spots despite its quick print speed. Ultimately, the printer offers great features and image quality. Minus a few small complaints with the refill system and the lack of a few features, I think for a medium and large office that does a lot of printing, the printer would be a great purchase as you would be saving some money with the refill system and also not too worry that you constantly have to replace the ink since the included ink can last quite long. This is a review for the Epson ET-16500 EcoTank that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Nice Device.


    Epson done messed up and sent me this printer to test and review for free as a beta tester. I guess they heard I like to "test" (break) things and see how long they hold up. They gave me a week. This is what happened.... First up, the packing test: My delivery guy and I are cool. Told him I was expecting a big box and not to be nice with it. The day it arrived it was "accidentally" pushed off the truck. Then rolled end over end to my door and up the steps. Didn't hear too much stuff rattling around inside. One corner ended up with a massive dent. Opening the box: I expected there to be chaos inside. Aside from one of the styro pieces being cracked, everything looked like it was where it should be. After getting it out and seeing all that blue tape gave a bit of confidence that the guts were ok. Open ever door and look in every nook and cranny for the tape. It's all over the place Filling it up: Cool little system, break off the tabs on the bottles, still the nozzle in the reservoir and squeeze the bottle. No matter how careful I was, I managed to get a few drips at that tipping point. Your gonna want to have a paper towel or two handy, A rubber glove is optional. It's not that bad, but getting that one drop off your hands can be a pia. Setup: push some buttons, go eat a snack. It's gonna take about a half hour. couldn't be simpler. Putting in paper: 2 trays, Yay! Each tray has a cover, be advised, they are not attached. Your gonna drop it on the floor the first couple times. First thought, they could have been attached. Second thought, glad their not, cause that would definitely be the first thing to break off. Scanning: Load paper, push button, watch it go. Easy Peasy. Two sided bonus. It's not a flatbed. It's not one of those, drop any paper any way into it. It's an office type scanner. Sucks the paper in the top, spits it out underneath. If your doing two sided scanning, don't touch the paper till it's done and in the bottom. You can put a stack of papers on top and it grabs them one by one. Printing: It's a printer. It prints. It prints well. It's fast on plain text. Comparable in speed to my laser printer. Detail color images, not comparable, but pretty darn fast. I like the two sided printing for short runs. Long runs, doing the old style print the odd side, flip all the paper and print the even side will get you done a lot faster. I've printed anything and everything to see if I could get it to choke. Did a straight run over 300 pages of mixed text and graphics which it chugged right through without a hitch. I didn't get to use any special papers or larger sizes. Judging by how it preformed with what I have, I have no doubt improved papers with be matched with print quality. I didn't get to use the faxing features as I don't have a POTS line. Being a Mac user, I don't like the idea that I can't print natively from any app. Have to use their iOS app. That is a big discouragement but not a deal breaker, I could get used to the extra step. Although if there were something else on the market that had the ink capabilities, print size and features, it could be. The Ink, the price. Printer ink by weight probably costs more than gold. We've come accustomed to getting inset printers for next to nothing then get hit in the head when that sampler ink pack runs out. If you do a lot of printing, have a small office or department and do large format printing, do the math on replacement ink and runs to the print shop for big prints. This thing holds A LOT of ink and apparently is somewhat efficient in its use. The reservoirs have barely moved. Well a wee little. Trying to break this thing in a reasonable manner, couldn't do it. I didn't have not one jam in over 1000 pages printed so far. That really surprised the heck out of me. In fact, the only issues I have had are keep dropping the paper tray covers and getting a few drops of ink on my hands filling it up initially. Otherwise it printed what ever I threw at it and waited patiently when it ran out of paper to be refilled. (I went through a lot of paper) Would I recommend it? If you want the biggest baddest inkjet all in one printer on the block, this is it. If you want a printer that has the potential to save money on ink and runs to the print shop for larger prints over time, this is definitely something to look at. I would give it 5 stars if it had full iOS support.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Perfect AIO for large format small office


    Beware this printer is LARGE. I have another little laser printer I use for firing off tons of text documents at blazing speed, though it only does B&W and it is just 8.5 x 11. Using this in a small office would be fine, but if you have a home office, double check the footprint if you are replacing another printer. The box showed up a little banged up so I was expecting it to be a little thrashed inside also. To my shock, it was not. The packing inside was a little beat up, but the printer was no worse for the wear. Wonderful! I lifted it out, set it on my desk, and started pulling the blue tape off. There is a ton of it so take a few mins and really go over it on initially unpacking it. Once that was done, I grabbed the ink bottles, popped the tops off and started filling it. After cleaning up the drops I inevitably spilled and stained some fingers with, I plugged it in. It walks you thought the setup with a little wizard on the large touchscreen. I left it sit and "charge" the ink for about 20 mins while I made lunch. Once I had finished eating I came back to an error on the screen that said to turn the printer off and on again. Error Code:0xEA. I turned it off and back on and it went through the ink charging process (again maybe?) and after this time it was up and running. It comes with 2 bottles of each color ink (black obv being the largest). One bottle fills up each tank. I started by printing a picture my son had drawn on his iPad. What? No Airprint. Argh. I went and downloaded the EPSON app in the app store and printed using that without a hitch though. It would be nice to have native AirPrint support in a thousand dollar printer, but alas, the EPSON app will have to do. I then went and scanned a copy of my license to see how it worked. Very simple and quick. You even get a little preview right on the touchscreen. No computer needed. Awesome! You can also scan a stack of documents using the auto feeder. I haven't had that on any of my other home office printers as of yet. Next was to print out some large stuff. I do Auto CAD work for home wiring. Oh how nice it is to have this printed on large paper now instead of having to squint to read stuff! It printed super clear and quick also. I was thoroughly impressed. I then loaded up Excel on my Mac to print out some spreadsheets I needed. The built in printer finder is normally killer on OSX. IT found the printer but said I needed to get drivers for it. That is the first time I've had that happen with a printer, but okay. I typed "EPSON 16500 drivers" into Google and low-and-behold, the first link was the software download page. A couple mins later it was installing. I then ran the software updater and it grabbed new software. Already? I just downloaded the installer! Whatever. I then auto-added the printer in the native OSX printer finder thing and boom. It printed my spreadsheets without a hitch and just as fast as my laser printer! I was double-siding my spreadsheets with no issue also. It's nice to be able to just hit go on that and let it run. I hate flipping paper since I get it wrong more often than not when feeding it back in to print the even numbered pages. I didn't use the fax capabilities since I don't have a phone line in my home office that supports that. People still use fax? There are also a plethora of ports on the front to load things to print from USB drives and memory cards of different shapes and sizes. I have never used that on any printer I have had though over the past 10 years. You can set this up to use Google Print, but this is going to take some reading to figure out. I added the printer to my account, but it shows in the status screen of the printer as not setup yet. Weird. This is a review for the Epson ET-16500 EcoTank that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review. Overall, I would recommend this printer. It has printed everything I have thrown at it without a hitch and I didn't even have to bust out a manual once to get it working which was a little surprising for a printer that is this capable (save for the Google Print, but I don't fault it for that)

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Amazing business class printer


    This is a review for the Epson ET-16500 EcoTank that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review. As a frequent purchaser of printers I feel as though I am qualified to review this product. For a while I have been looking for something for my small business needs and also for recreational and family use. I run a small IT business and cosistantly scan invoices and print a tremendous ammount of paper daily. For personal use I am an amateur photographer. When I receuved this unit I was amazed by the size of it, it is truly an enormous unit coming in slightly larger than 60lbs shipped. Unpackaging was extremely easy and setup was fairly quick too. There are a few tape holders on the unit that help make it safe for shipping [ensure they are all removed including inside]. Note: this will require 2 people most likely to move it, it is HUGE. Following the instructions I added ink to the tanks which was a very easy and clean process [ensure you have gloves on just incase.. I got yellow on a finger and it stayed for a while], and powered on as recommended. The initial priming of the unit is the most time consuming at 20 mins. After running through the initial install I ran a few internal adjustments in the menu to align the heads and started printing. Absolutely amazing qualuty and color! I ran several tests on several different types of paper from black and white to full color photos[has 2 paper trays on front that can detect the paper size and type automatically]. This unit litterally does it all and with ease. The scanning unit on the 16500 is enormous also allowing up to small posters to be scanned and has internal features for blowing up or shrinking these scans. The network features were extremely easy to setup and use also with google and epson cloud print services built in[allowing you to print from anywhere in the world] and wifi so no need for cat6 or usb cables. Aside from the "universal fits all" features from this unit, one of the biggest selling points is the unique ink tanks. It's as simple as pouring new ink into a large waterbottle type tank on the side. There is a visual indicator on the tanks showing levels and also feedback on the main printing screen lcd [large, like a cell phone sideways- easy to read]. This ink system is also one of the only faults I could find too though. In the event that you need to move the all in one due to relocation or full move, the unit MUST be transported upright and needs to be treated like a feather. The only thing keeping the ink in there are these rubber plugs that are on top of the tanks. In the even that movers arent careful, I could see the porential for this to be a nightmare. In conclusion this has to be one of the nicest units I've used int his price range. The network features for a small business are plentiful and secure (havent tried to see if it's Win Server 2012 compatible so on, but it should be], the paper options are fantastic [envelopes up to legal size and any thinckness you can throw at it], and finally easy of use is great. It's litterally a fantastic plug and play unit that would be easy on the pockets for a home user to install or an IT setup. And lastly has major advantages over other units due to ink costs. If you finding yourself needing an all in one, use a lot of ink, and want to print or scan everything from contracts to card stock to photos, this is the unit for you.

    I would recommend this to a friend

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