Family Value Collection: 11 Movies [3 Discs] [DVD]

Eleven family-friendly movies including "Against A Crooked Sky", "The Fairy King Of Ar", "The Meeksville Ghost", "Devil's Hill" and "After The Wizard" on two DVDs.
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Fairy King of Ar
Corbin Bernsen and Malcolm McDowell star in an enchanting tale of fairies and giants that the whole family will enjoy. Since as far back as Kyle and Evie Preston can remember, their grandmother told fantastical tales about elves who had been trapped underground by giants for thousands of years. Now grandmother is gone, and the siblings are surprised to discover that they have inherited a decrepit gold mine and a family home they never even knew existed. Upon discovering that grandmother's far fetched stories have a bizarre basis in reality and that by freeing the fairies from the mine they will discover a cure for their terminally ill father (Bernsen), Kyle and Evie race against time to free the trapped fairies and save their father's life. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

The Red Fury
In this family western, an Indian boy endures racial hatred in a white community. Fortunately, he is defended by a kindly farmer, and a schoolteacher. His horse also provides invaluable assistance. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

The Journey
The Lil' River Rats and the Adventure of the Lost Treasure
Nine year old adventurer Molly takes her friends on the adventure of a lifetime in search of the treasure that could save her family. Growing up, Molly used to listen attentively as her mother told her of a hidden treasure along the local riverbank. But now Molly's mom is gone, leaving the lonely young girl and her father to care for her sickly grandfather Pappy. And lately Cappy's medical bills have been adding up, to the point where Molly's dad has considered selling the family home just to stay financially afloat. Her memories drifting back to the stories of high adventure and untold riches, Molly rounds up a group of her most loyal friends and vows to find the treasure that will save her family. Now, the deeper the Lil' River Rats drift into the wilderness, the more they begin to wonder whether the tales of treasure were actually true, or just an imaginative story for a restless child. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Against a Crooked Sky
Against a Crooked Sky is a remake of John Ford's landmark western The Searchers. Richard Boone appears in the John Wayne role, playing an ageing trapper obsessed with rescuing a white girl from her Indian captors. Another movie veteran, Henry Wilcoxon, is the ruthless yet honorable Indian chief. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Devil's Hill
Bullying city-dweller Sam and his laid-back cousin Badge learn to settle their differences while searching the bush for a missing cow, and gain a newfound respect for one another in this family-oriented adventure from Australia. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Captain Johnno
A deaf 10-year-old from a remote Australian fishing village sends his quiet community into a panic after he learns that his sister will soon be leaving for boarding school, and runs away to a deserted island. The traumatic experience proves to have a silver lining, however, when it shows the troubled young boy the importance of trusting his loved ones, and learning to live with his disability. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

After the Wizard
A young orphan from Kingman, Kansas insists that she is in fact Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz, and receives a visit from some old friends who may just prove her right in this inspirational tale for the entire family. 12 year old Elizabeth (Jordan VanVracken) lives in a Kansas orphanage. Believing herself to be the wide-eyed heroine of L. Frank Baum's most famous book, she longs for the day she will be reunited with her beloved dog Toto, and all of her old friends from the land of Oz. Meanwhile, as the concerned headmistress at the orphanage fears that the young girl is growing delusional, Scarecrow (Jermel Nakia), The Tin Woodman (Orien Richman), and The Cowardly Lion (P. David Miller) realize that their old friend Dorothy is the only one who can save Oz from a dire threat that's sweeping through the land. Boarding a hot air balloon bound for Kansas, Scarecrow and The Tin Woodman seek out Elizabeth and attempt to convince her of her true identity in time to ensure a happy future for the inhabitants of Oz. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

The Secret Kingdom
Two teenage siblings investigate their kid brother's claims of finding a miniature city beneath the kitchen sink, and find themselves whisked away to a magical world where two mighty kingdoms are preparing to go to battle. As the war drums beat louder, the three siblings must find a way to restore peace to the land, and a means of getting back home safely. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Meeksville Ghost
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The 1938 version of Adventures of Tom Sawyer appears to be producer David O. Selznick's dry run for Gone with the Wind, what with its similarities in period, costumes, color scheme and production design (both films shared the services of the great Hollywood art director William Cameron Menzies). Selected from hundreds of applicants (a precursor to Selznick's upcoming search for Wind's Scarlet O'Hara), Tommy Kelly is visually perfect as Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer though his acting varies from scene to scene. Better cast is Jackie Moran as the laconic, pipe-smoking Huck Finn (Moran would show up in Wind as Dr. Meade's son). Never forcing its pace, the film manages to include most of Twain's classic sequences, including the fence-whitewashing episode, Tom's rescue of Becky Thatcher (Anne Gillis) from the wrath of their schoolmaster (Olin Howlin), Tom and Huck's "death and resurrection" after the boys briefly skipped town for an idyll on a remote island, the murder trial of town drunk Muff Potter (Walter Brennan) and ultimately unmasking of the vicious Injun Joe (Victor Jory) as the real killer, and of course the chilling climax in the cave, wherein Tom protects Becky from the fugitive Injun Joe. Originally released at 93 minutes, Adventures of Tom Sawyer was trimmed to 77 minutes for a 1959 reissue; it has since been restored to its full length on videotape. In 1960, Tom Sawyer was syndicated to television by Selznick, with accompanying commentary by the film's now-grown-up "Becky Thatcher", Anne Gillis. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

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