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  1. Fire Sense - Alpina Round Slate Top Fire Pit - Black

  2. Farenheit - Flare 17.5-in Smokeless Fire Pit - Silver

  3. Fire Sense - Catalano Square Fire Pit - Antique bronze

  4. Solo Stove - Yukon + Stand & Shelter 2.0 Bundle - Stainless Steel

    Model: SSYUK-SD-27-2.0+SHELTER
    SKU: 6519499
  5. Solo Stove - Bonfire + Stand & Shelter 2.0 Bundle - Stainless Steel

    Model: SSBON-SD-2.0+SHELTER
    SKU: 6519491
  6. Mr. Bar-B-Q - Flames Fire Pit - Black

    Model: WAD1011SP
    SKU: 6493003
  7. Nature Spring - Square Marble Tile Edge Wood Burning Fire Pit - Black and Orange

    Model: 833262TMO
    SKU: 6488622

    Not Yet Reviewed

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  9. Mr. Bar-B-Q - Firebowl with Stars and Moons - Black

    Model: WAD1081SP
    SKU: 6493022

    Not Yet Reviewed

  10. Solo Stove - Mesa XL Firepit - Black

    Model: SSMESA-XL-ASH
    SKU: 6545156
  11. Fire Sense - Palermo Wood Burning Copper Fire Pit - Copper

  12. Cuisinart - 24” Cleanburn Smokeless Fire Pit - Black

  13. Solo Stove - Mesa Firepit - Blue

    SKU: 6545158
  14. Fire Sense - Cornell Wood Burning Fire Pit - Bronze

  15. Farenheit - Flare 13.5-in Smokeless Fire Pit - Silver

  16. Solo Stove - Mesa Firepit - Stainless Steel

    Model: SSMESA-FG-SS
    SKU: 6545157
  17. Solo Stove - Mesa Firepit - Black

    Model: SSMESA-FG-ASH
    SKU: 6545159
  18. AZ Patio Heaters - Wood Burning Fire Pit with Scroll Design - Black

  19. Fire Sense - Barzelonia Round Copper Look Fire Pit - Copper

Buying a wood fire pit.

Choosing a wood fire pit.

Fire pits come in all sizes. Though you may associate the idea of an outdoor fire pit with a large bonfire or with the more modern gas fire pit, you can also find small wood-burning fire pits that are perfect for roasting a few marshmallows on a backyard camping trip.

When choosing a wood fire pit, think about how you’ll be using it. While most outdoor wood fire pits are meant to provide heat and some mood lighting for an outdoor get-together, there are also designs with grills for cooking, as well as small wood fire pits that function like a camping or survival stove.

You’ll need to select a shape that works best for your space. A round outdoor wood-burning fire pit is a popular option, but you can find a square wood fire pit if that works better with your patio furniture arrangement.

Getting the most out of a wood-burning fire pit.

Once you’ve found the best wood fire pit for you, it’s time to put it to use! There are lots of fun backyard activities to enjoy. Throw an afternoon BBQ or pool party and then gather around the fire pit after dark. Or host an outdoor movie night on an outdoor TV or home theatre screen and projector.

If you want to cook over your wood fire pit, choose seasoned hardwoods, like oak, almond, or maple. These will keep the heat going for longer and produce less smoke. Pine, meanwhile, burns very quickly, but it’s cheaper and easy to light, making it a good choice for kindling.

Remember to take care of your outdoor wood fire pit. Use a fire pit cover during the off-season to protect your fire pit from rain and snow. And, if outdoor cooking becomes a favorite activity, think of ways you can expand the menu. For instance, you might invest in an outdoor pizza oven!

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