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Fitbit - Alta Activity Tracker (Small) - Black

Fitbit Alta Activity Tracker: Maintain a healthy, active lifestyle with help from this wireless activity tracker, which tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and sleep patterns for 24/7 monitoring. A wireless sync dongle is included for easy connectivity to your Windows, Apple or Android device.

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    What's Included

    • Charging cable
    • Fitbit Alta Activity Tracker
    • Wireless sync dongle

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    94% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (4589 out of 4896)


    Keep track of daily activity levels

    Measures steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned.

    Easy viewing in low-light conditions

    Backlit OLED display.

    Adjustable strap

    Fits comfortably on most wrists from 5.5" to 6.7" in circumference.

    Syncs to select Apple, Android and Windows devices

    Such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and cell phones and tablets with Android or Windows for simple wireless communication.

    Waterproof design

    So you don't have to worry if you wear it in the shower or get caught in the rain.

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    Customer rating

    Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars with 4896 reviews

    would recommend to a friend

    Expert rating

    Rating 3.9 out of 5 stars with 22 reviews



    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Stylish fitness tracker

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I just got the Alta today and had downloaded the app to have it all ready to go. Set up and syncing were easy, it does take a couple minutes for it all to be updated, But is all relatively easy. I had to practice the right "tap tap" to get the screen on when I want to check my stats. I have it synced with my phone so it vibrates every time I get a text, so I'll probably be turning that off. But other wise it's great and I can't wait to start tracking my activity! The band itself is very similar to the Charge HR band. There’s a textured pattern on the outside and soft rubber on the inside. Feels nice on the skin. Since I just received it, I can’t say if it’s going to give me a rash or anything. Although I did not have any issues wearing the Charge HR. The bands are easily replaceable. There’s a small lever/hook underneath each band that you use to take the band off. I’m definitely interested in trying out the leather bands and see how they hold up to daily wear. As for the buckle, this is one of my cons for the Alta. You have to snap it on just like the Flex. I actually wished they had just gone with the same buckle as the Charge HR here. The tracker itself is made of stainless steel and it’s not very heavy. In fact I barely notice the Alta on my wrist except when I need to see the time. Getting the display to turn on does require some patience. A double tap shows the time and then single tap takes you through the various data points - steps, miles, calories, active minutes, and alarms. You can also turn on gesture control so that you can see the time when you flick your wrist. Charging the Alta. This is a huge improvement over the Flex. The charger is this claw looking thing that grasps the sensor on the back when you line up the 3 modules. My only complain is that it’s a very short wire. But I will just charge it on my nightstand when I shower or at my work desk when I don’t have to get up for a while. Some new features: 1) notifications on your wrist. It does calls, texts, and calendar notifications. I’d say that this is useful as you can see these notifications on your wrist, but you can’t interact with them via the Alta like you would if you had a dedicated smartwatch. 2) move reminders. The Alta will vibrate and tell you to move if it has noticed that you haven’t taken at least 250 steps within the hour. You can set up the times that move reminders should be on. Some of the things it is missing are: 1) heart rate monitoring - if this is important to you then you’re better off getting the Charge HR or Surge, 2) altimeter - the Alta doesn’t track stairs and if you want this feature get the Charge HR, 3) waterproofing - don’t take it for a swim or shower. Besides you can charge the Alta while you’re taking a shower if you’re worried that the 5 day battery life is not sufficient for you. The App - I believe that the fitbit app is what makes fitbit wearables shine. It’s the social aspect of the app - friendly competitions, step challenges, earning badges - make using any of the fitbit wearables great. The app is intuitive and easy to use. I do wish their food database was just as robust as MyFitnessPal, but it’s pretty comprehensive where you can pretty much find any type of food on there. I had the Misfit Shine before and the app pales in comparison to the Fitbit app. Plus the fact that many of my friends are using Fitbit and not Misfit made me want to switch. Overall, I like what I have seen so far in the Alta. It’s sleek and lightweight and works with their app. I would definitely get this over the Flex or Charge. But I’m not sure if it’s worth $130 though.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

      If you can wait, wait

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      About 2 months ago, I decided to give up my 1.25 hour commute and move closer to the office. I selected a place within walking distance, a luxury I adore. To track my increased activity, I decided to buy a tracker. After doing a lot of research I decided to purchase the FitBit Alta. I liked its ability to track sleep, and notify me of incoming messages and meetings. The tracker works well. I calibrated the watch multiple times. It is extremely accurate, +/-2%, oftentimes less. The notifications are great. The alarm feature alone is worth the purchase price. It gently buzzes you awake without assaulting your ears or disturbing guests. That's where the positives end. First off, the alta is not very responsive. Oftentimes i have to tap the bottom of the screen multiple times before it responds. This unresponsiveness is particularly annoying when trying to turn off the alarm in the morning or catch an automatic notification. Next, this model does not have a heart rate monitor. It's very weird that it does not include one; it is an exercise tracker after all. As for the next feature, the sleep tracker that is included is mediocre at best. It does not accurately report the hours you sleep nor does it aggregate your evening sleep into one day if you are awake for more than 30 minutes in the middle of the night. More generally, the watch does not sync well with my Samsung phone. Periodically I must force them to sync to ensure my results are recorded. Like many other reviews mentioned, I agree. The screen is exceeding soft and scratches deeply very easily, a strange feature in a watch. All that said, the feature I like the least is the band. I am pretty sure the designers never wore the watch prior to production. The watch pinches the nerves that run down my forearm and wrist leaving my arm and fingers a little numb and in pain after only wearing it for a couple of hours. I have a very skinny wrist so people with a normal forearm may not have as much of an issue; however, my size is no excuse for poor design. The second issue with the band is that it is very difficult to put on and take off. Given that it is not waterproof and it's pretty uncomfortable to wear, you generally take it off frequently. You end up sinking valuable morning minutes into fiddling with the watch. Thirdly the wristband gets dirty very easily. I have only been wearing my band on and off for 6 weeks and it is already covered with dark blue stains. I don't even know the source of the stain. I have not worn new jeans in years. Generally, I am disappointed. The FitBit Alta is the first step/sleep tracker I have owned, so I cannot compare it to others on the market. It does the job of tracking steps very well but has massive design flaws. Unless you need a tracker now like I did, I would wait for the Alta HR (whenever they decide to launch that.) Hopefully the next model will address these poor design flaws.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

      Overall Good Tracker

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      I have been a "Jawbone UP* user for the past several years. Started with the UP, and had the UP2 and UP3. While I absolutely loved the size and the band for the jawbones -- unfortunately after about a year they would stop working for whatever reason (the last one wouldnt charge, I never wore it in the shower, but the charging section started corroding I guess just from the sweat over time during the workouts). So - to compare vs the Jawbone -- Size & Screen - while its a little bigger, I never needed the screen, but I do enjoy having it. The screen does make it easier to monitor progress vs having to open up the app. And, even when the app doesn't sync, you can see the rounded step count on the screen. And, its nice because you can see the next "alarm" so when you are lying in bed and cant remember if its on or not, you can just tap the screen vs reaching for your phone which I keep downstairs. Band - the band definitely takes some getting used to. It probably took me a good 10 minutes the first time to get it snapped in. I could not get the band snapped by using my thumb and finger... I finally found that i needed to essentially line up the silver piece to the side of my wrist bone and press extremely hard to get it to attach. And, you would think that by needing to press so hard it would be sure to stay on... that doesn't seem to be the case as its already fallen off a time or two even though I've checked when it was put on, and it was as far as it could go. I definitely prefer the clip on the jawbone vs the band on the fitbit. While i don't want a watch looking band, I unfortunately will likely need to switch to one to prevent the device from falling off unnoticed. Step Count / Distance Syncing -- perhaps my biggest gripe. The jawbone was dead on accurate out of the box (all three i had). I walk and run on a treadmill and on run/walks of my usual 5-6 miles, it was never more than 1 TENTH (thats .1) miles off. Very accurate. For the Fit Bit -- totally different story. The ONLY time I have found the fitbit to be accurate for me is when I'm inbetween about 3.5-6 MPH. When I'm just walking around the house -- it tracks MORE steps than I take. But, the biggest gripe -- if i run 6 miles (usually ranging between 6-7MPH on the treadmill), it usually tracks about 5-5.25 miles. So, the faster i run, the less it counts.... kind of annoying when you know you ran 6 miles to see nearly a FULL MILE lost. I'm sure there is some way to sync it - but given its very variable in if its under, over or accurate -- I feel that if i synced it to the full run, then it would likely really be over for the rest of my daily activity. Very unfortunate as I never had any syncing issues with the jawbones So - as a Jawbone and now a fitbit user... I think it covers the basics... it generally keeps track of the activity, i find myself liking the screen and its not TOO much bigger than the jawbone, and it has the other functionality i was looking for such as reminders to get up through the day (desk job) to at least walk around a little bit each hour. Given I've only had it a few months -- will be interesting to see if it lasts until next year :)

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      This will be my first fitbit purchase, but not my first step tracker purchase. I've bought cheaper ones in the past and have gotten what I paid for. With this new sleek design of fitbit, I am able to wear this without feeling like im hunkered down by a larger device. I also like the fact that you can change out the bands. It's pretty accurate when it comes to counting your steps. I mean, I work in an airplane and it doesn't really count the turbulence we go through ;) but it does count your vigorous arm movements as steps (i.e. chopping veggies), so when you're in the kitchen, I wouldn't wear it. I also like the fact that it syncs with MyFitnessPal app, which saves me the hassle of transferring data manually between the two apps. And it just logs your active minutes into the MyFitnessPal instead of taking all of your lost calories for the day. Being new to the fitbit app, I am still getting used to the features, but am slowly getting the hang of everything, and it seems fairly user friendly and fun. The alta will tell you to get moving with a small buzz, which isn't as bothersome as I initially thought it would be =) And being a big texter, the text notifications are awesome! && I utilize my calendar a lot, so the reminders from that are great as well. These all can be turned off if you aren't a fan. The only thing I wish it had was a heart rate monitor, but I since I don't really need to track that, the smaller design won me over.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

      Not Impressed

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I purchased this in April 2016 and was rather impressed with it for the first month. The second month I was not too impressed. It does not count steps accurately, the device over sleeps often and it can not tell the difference between walking/running. The first month or so with this device was amazing. It was fairly accurate to what it was advertised to do. The second month is when all the glitches started to show. Steps Are Not Accurate I have my stride set appropriately to my account. I have yet to have the device properly calculate. I run walk a lot to train and my device can not tell the difference between the two. The device does not calculate properly. When I calculate my run/walk to a map then check it to my device it is off. Lately my device will stop showing the steps counting up. It will freeze for a bit then catch up. If it does at all. Some times it’s accurate other times its not. Device Over Sleeps The device generates a sleep algorithm to your movement patterns. I work retail with rotating random schedules and sleep patterns. The device is confused and will try to sleep during the day. When it does decide to sleep at night it often over sleeps. I slept 6.5 hours one night and it went for about 9 hours. I went on a walk shortly after I woke up and got to about 6,000 steps. It still wouldn’t wake up. I tried syncing it to my phone, then my computer. Still asleep. It had to wake up on its own. This happens a lot. Low Power Device The device is low powered and is difficult to read in any sort of sun light. If you need to read the clock on your walk: You can’t! This is a nuisance because I’m often on a time crunch. Blu-tooth only Device This device operates solely on blu-tooth. The only two ways you can transfer data from the device to the web is your phone or the wifi port that came in the packaging. Mine only worked for a month or so before it became useless. I will give my Fitbit one more week to see if it’s working accurately. I do not feel it right to be told I have to update it every few months to get it to work properly.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Great activity monitor upgrade

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      For a non-heart rate activity monitor, the Fitbit Alta is great. Sleek and slim design allows you to do normal everyday activities without a cumbersome device on your wrist. Battery has lasted me between 7-9 days dependent on how much I have used or synced it while Bluetooth has continuously been one. I really love the Fitbit app over the Garmin app for nutrition and calorie counting. I haven't found anything yet that I can't get to the calorie counter to find with ease. Fits my very small wrist well with no issues. I have worn it in the shower with no issues either. The only con I can immediately recall is that when I'm outside and have my polarized sunglasses on, I can't read the screen to see the time, etc. I use the Alta for calorie counter, steps, distance, active minutes, sleep tracking, and exercise. I am highly satisfied with my decision to switch from the Garmin Vivosmart to the Fitbit Alta for the way that I use the device.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      So far so great

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      So, I bought two of these; one for my wife and one for me. I bought this mainly for myself so that I could track my sleep patterns and, secondly, to wake myself in the mornings silently. My wife did not like my phone alarms going off because it would always wake her up in the mornings, but now she can sleep in when she needs to, because only I feel my alarm. The steps are a little off, but nonetheless, I love how slim it is and how sleek it looks so half the time, I don't even realize I have it on. I love that it shows text messages and phone calls when they come in o that I don't have to take out my phone every time. The feel of the band is nice too. Many people complained about it irritating their skin, but I have had no issues whatsoever yet and I wear it the whole day for several days until I have to charge it again. The battery life lasts about 5 days as well which is great. It is awesome that I can get calendar notifications on it too, so in case I'm not looking at my calendar my Alta will remind me. Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed this Fitbit so far! 5 out of 5

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      FitBit is awesome but..


      No this isn't a bad review nor a good review. I got my Fitbit Alta about a little over a month ago, with hopes to motivate me to be a little more active and yes it worked. The little reminders to move every hour was a little boost that would remind me to move, as opposed to when I didn't have it. But here is the thing, the FitBit App let's you add friends so you can cheer and taunt each other as a form of motivation. One casual day a boy in my Spanish class pointed out we both had the same FitBit and I was like omg add me! He had no idea you could add friends on there ! And that's were it began. About a week later he messaged me on the FitBit app and his excuse was "I just wanted to see if it worked" well guess what IT WORKS! From there we moved on to texting and hanging out, I slowly began to fall for this kid. But this guy had a rough past, and I was nothing more but determined to help him out. Things started out great but eventually took on a rollercoaster of emotions. What didn't help is that we are both hopeless emotional people, now as I sit here writing this review, I think back and ask myself why did I buy this FitBit? This would have never happened if I was wearing it that day... Long story short now I'm patiently waiting to go to my Spanish Class so I can get my FitBit charger from him because he lost his and well my FitBit is dead right now...(Ps. Yes it does hold a 5 day Charge!) Thank you for your time but yes #FitBitFsLives... I know it F'd with mine...

      I would recommend this to a friend

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