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Just Cause 4

Release Date: 12/4/18

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About Just Cause 4

Bring the thunder.

As agent Rico Rodriguez, you travel to Solis, a South American country that is a hotbed of conflict and corruption. Its citizens are oppressed by the Black Hand, a private military organization led by Gabriela Morales, a cunning, mercurial adversary.

Explore a vast world.

The Just Cause 4 world features more than 100 square kilometers of vibrant, diverse landscapes. Explore rainforests, deserts, mountains, grassland and cityscapes as you defeat enemies and sow the seeds of rebellion.

Get your gear and get ready to soar.

Put on your wingsuit and skydive, base jump or free dive across Solis. You can also customize your trusty grapple hook to your style of play. With jets, helicopters, sports cars and more, there is no shortage of vehicles to create mayhem.

Extreme action in extreme weather.

In Solis, the climate is volatile, to say the least. The weather could be another enemy — but could also be your ally — as you do battle in tornadoes, tropical storms and more.


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