is sweeping the country! Make sure you're stocked up with all the on-the-go accessories Pokémon trainers need such as portable battery chargers, cell phone cases and more.

Shop Accessories for Pokémon

Portable Power

Bring an on-the-go battery charger so you don't run out of power.

Cell Phone Cases

Find cases to protect your phone against bumps, extend its battery life and boost its signal.


Use these cables to charge your phone or transfer data between phones.


Immerse yourself in the experience by listening to the sounds of the game while you play.

Bike Mounts

Mount your cell phone to your bicycle and safely ride with both hands while finding Pokémon.

Wearable Tech

Track your steps and heart rate while catching Pokémon with a smartwatch or activity tracker.


Take the legwork out of finding Pokémon with an electric scooter, longboard or other rideables.


Easily carry your extra battery pack, water bottle and other supplies when on the go.

Water Bottles

Stay hydrated on your hunt for Pokemon and even find a bottle that matches your team color.