Frontier Days/Western Racketeers [DVD]

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Frontier Days
Written (under the pseudonym of Jimmy Hawkey) and directed by Robert F. Hill, this very low-budget Western from poverty row company Spectrum starred former silent screen cowboy Bill Cody and his real-life son Bill Cody, Jr.. Everything of course being relative, Frontier days, filmed at majestic Lone Pine, was perhaps Cody senior's best sound Western although he looked emaciated and a tendency to act overly coy with the ladies ladies became grating at times. Cody played an agent for the Well's Fargo masquerading as The Pinto Kid, complete with pinto horse Chico and fancy pinto vest. Trailing a gang of stage robbers, he is falsely accused of killing rancher Franklyn Farnum. Farnum's daughter, Ada Ince, believes in him though, and he proves his innocence saving the girl from crooked banker Wheeler Oakman and his gang of desperadoes, the real murderers. Surprising B-Western devotees everywhere, the usually so jovial Robert McKenzie, he of the Andy Devine-like gravel-voice, turned out to be one of the Bad Guys this time around -- billing himself "Bill McKenzie" for the occasion. Ancient-looking Lafe McKee got to play the girl's grandpa instead of her father for a change and 8-year-old Billy, Jr. managed to pretty much stay out of harms way. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Western Racketeers
The first, last and only entry in the proposed Aywon Ranch series, Western Racketeers was directed by near-legendary bad filmmaker Robert J. Horner and starred silent screen cowboy Bill Cody. A gang is terrorizing the settlers in the San Bernardino Mountains, who are forced to pay toll along the only accessible route around. When an obstinate rancher (Steve Clark) is found murdered, his friends and neighbors form a vigilante group under the leadership of Bill Bowers (Cody). Haughty Eastern girl Molly Spellman (Edna Aslin) refuses to pay any heed to the outlaws and soon finds herself in deep trouble. She is saved in the nick of time by Bowers and the vigilantes and peace is restored. Like Cody, the company that produced this misfire, Aywon, was a survivor from the silent era but, also like Cody, its future in a new, more streamlined Hollywood was limited. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Cast & Crew

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    Ada Ince
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    Wheeler Oakman
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    Franklin Farnum
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    William Desmond
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    Bill Cody, Jr.
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