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  1. Gladiator - Premier Series Tall GearLocker - Hammered Granite

    Model: GATL302DRG
    SKU: 7584296
    Your price for this item is $779.99
  2. Gladiator - Premier Series Tall GearBox - Red Tread

    Your price for this item is $749.99
  3. Gladiator - GearTrack Channels 4' (2-Pack) - Gray

    Your price for this item is $29.99
  4. Gladiator - Premier Series Modular GearBox - Red Tread

    Model: GAGB272DDR
    SKU: 5947726
    Your price for this item is $240.99
    The regular price is $479.99
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Choosing the best tool storage solution.

Types of tool chests and racks.

Tool chests and racks are essential storage solutions for organizing and safeguarding various tools in workshops, garages and professional settings. Knowing how to organize based on the tools and other items you’ll be organizing is key to deciding on your tool storage configuration.

One common type of tool storage is the traditional tool chest. These chests are typically made of metal or durable plastic and come in various sizes, from compact portable versions to large, multi-drawer tool cabinets. Tool chests offer a secure and organized way to store hand tools, power tools and other equipment. They often feature locking mechanisms to protect valuable tools and prevent unauthorized access. Their multiple drawers and compartments provide ample space for categorizing and arranging tools for quick and efficient access. Similarly, rolling toolboxes or tool carts are equipped with wheels or casters for easy mobility around the workspace.

Another type of tool storage is the wall-mounted tool rack or pegboard system. These racks are designed to maximize vertical storage space while keeping tools within arm's reach. Typically made of metal or sturdy plastic, these racks feature a grid of holes or hooks where various tools can be hung. This type of storage is highly customizable, allowing users to arrange their tools according to their preference and frequently used items. Wall-mounted tool racks are ideal for small workshops or areas with limited floor space, providing an organized and clutter-free environment. They are particularly popular for displaying and accessing frequently used hand tools, ensuring they are always readily available for any task.

Considerations for tool organizers.

When you’re planning how to organize your workshop or garage, several important considerations should guide your choice of tool organizers to make sure that you choose the right kinds for your setup.  

First and foremost, think about the type and variety of tools you need to organize. Small hand tools like screwdrivers and pliers may benefit from drawer-based tool chests or wall-mounted pegboards with hooks. Larger power tools, outdoor power equipment and wet/dry or shop vacuums may require sturdy shelves or cabinets with ample weight-bearing capacity. It's essential to assess the types, sizes, and quantities of tools you have and plan your organizers accordingly to accommodate them efficiently.

Secondly, consider your available space and workspace layout. The size and layout of your workshop or garage will dictate the type of organizers that are most practical. In smaller spaces, wall-mounted organizers or compact tool chests may be a better choice to maximize floor space. For larger spaces, freestanding cabinets and tool racks can provide comprehensive storage solutions. Ensure that your chosen organizers fit seamlessly within your workspace and do not obstruct your movements or workflow—things like power cords are important to factor into your storage solutions. Consider factors like accessibility, visibility, and ergonomics to create a well-organized and user-friendly environment.

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