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Top Holiday Gift Ideas from Best Buy Employees

When it comes to shopping for tech gifts, there are so many cool new devices and gadgets to choose from, that holiday shopping can feel a bit daunting. If you still need to figure out what tops your holiday gift list, maybe we can help.

What if you could get personal recommendations of top picks from the folks who know our products best — our in-store Associates? After all, who knows electronics better than they do? Read on to discover these top recommendations from Best Buy store Associates who've shared their favorite gifts to give (or receive) this holiday season.them.

A Learning Experience

A Nest learning thermostat can not only help to reduce your utility bills, but it can learn your habits to keep your house comfy and cozy to suit your exact preferences. Plus, you can control every aspect of it remotely using your smartphone.

Agent Tyler Tuschhoff, Store 833 (Brentwood, Missouri)

"I would give my parents a Nest Thermostat. My father is passionate about being able to adjust the temperature according to the time of day. Giving him this gift would give him the power to control their home from his smartphone, even if they aren't home."

Shop the Nest 3rd-Generation Learning Thermostat ›

Action Videos Come Full Circle

The 360fly 4K action camera features an eight-glass-element lens that lets you capture 360 degrees of action in every recording. Imagine recording your biking, hiking, skiing, climbing or sightseeing adventures from virtually every angle. That's what this incredible camera does, culminating in spectacular 360-degree videos. It's a super cool gift for any avid traveler, adventurer or extreme sports enthusiast.

Nick Karakatsoulis, Store 340 (Mobile, Alabama)

"This holiday, I'm hoping to get the 360fly 4K Action Camera because I love kayaking on the Blue Spring Rivers in Florida and the alligator-rich waters in Mobile. I've tried out the 360fly, and it recorded my kayaking trip in full 360-degree style so I could watch it again later. I saw alligators in the playback that I didn't see while kayaking — spooky!"

Shop the 360fly 4K action camera ›

Music to Your Ears

A good pair of headphones can sound even better when they feature active noise-canceling technology to effectively cancel out background noise. The bottom line is that you hear every aspect of recordings more clearly. And, did you know that this same technology allows you to hear better while listening at lower volumes? That's definitely a good thing. Combine that technology with top-quality dynamic drivers and comfy lambskin covers, and you've got Bang & Olufsen's Beoplay H9 wireless headphones.

Julio (Jules) Peraza, Store 829 (West El Paso, Texas)

"I'd give Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9 Wireless Noise-Canceling headphones. My dad is starting to get into technology, and I want to give him a brand that is exclusive and high quality at the same time. With these headphones, he'll get great sound quality while standing out with a unique brand."

Shop Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9 wireless headphones ›

Time for a Switch

The Nintendo Switch 32GB console is a hybrid gaming system that allows seamless switching between a completely portable, handheld gaming experience and that of full-featured at-home TV gaming. It boots up quickly and it's remarkably fast and responsive. Pair its go-anywhere, one- or two-player flexibility with incredibly popular games such as Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and you've got a can't-miss platform for any level of gaming enthusiast.

Josh Gibson, Store 339 (Lancaster, Ohio)

"I would give my nephew the new Nintendo Switch so he can play the games I played as a kid."

Shop Nintendo Switch ›

Fast and Easy

The MacBook line of laptops are renowned for their power, speed, responsiveness and ease of operation. The moment you boot up, you'll find an impressive array of useful applications already installed, so you'll be able to edit photos and create movies, music, charts, spreadsheets and more, right out of the box. Plus, with the MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models to choose from, it's easy to configure the right Mac laptop to suit your needs and your budget.

Aliah Benson, Store 1519 (Madison, Mississippi)

"I'd like a new MacBook for Christmas so that I can expand my educational goals — I'm a business administration major and law minor."

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Saved by the Bell

Ring Video doorbells are the world's best-selling video doorbells, and with good reason. They allow you to answer your door from virtually anywhere using your smartphone. They offer the convenience of seeing who's at your door before you get up to answer it — or answering the door without getting up at all. They're also a great deterrent for thieves, burglars or vandals who, upon hearing your voice, will likely move on to easier targets. There are several models to choose from, all of which make a considerate gift.

Agent Derek Sytsma, Store 1104 (Portland, Oregon)

"I've always been fond of practicality in holiday gifts. Something the person wants, but also something they can use to enhance their life. That's why I would have to say the best holiday gift on the market right now is the Ring doorbell camera. The peace of mind of being able to check up on your home from your phone while you're away is something I believe anyone can appreciate. If your gift-getter isn't the most tech savvy, getting an agent to come out and set it up is a great addition to this gift."

Shop Ring Video Doorbells ›

Come Fly with Me

Who needs a drone? Better question: Who doesn't need a drone? When you combine the ease and fun of flying them with the ability to capture amazing aerial photographs and videos, today's drones are your ticket to creating a virtual library of picturesque photos and videos of all your favorite locations and destinations. As far as an excellent, easy-to-use pick for beginning pilots, DJI's Spark Quadcopter is a mini drone that offers essentially all of DJI's signature technologies along with a built-in camera. Everything they (or you) need to get started in the exciting world of drone flight and photography.

Jevaughn-Anthony Ford, Store 1444 (Williamsburg, Virginia)

"I would be really excited to receive a new DJI Spark drone. The drone is so small and compact and can do some pretty cool things with its gesture-control technology. Something like that is a 'must-have' for someone like me who loves to travel."

Shop DJI Spark Quadcopter ›

Your Voice Is My Command

Imagine a 2-way, voice-controlled device that can play your favorite music, news or sports broadcasts — even give you real-time weather, traffic and answers to all sorts of everyday questions. Imagine using that same device to control other in-home devices or place an Amazon order just by talking to it. Well, that's exactly what the Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo Show can do for you, and so much more. It can respond to your requests, tell you what you need to know, or show you the answer on its 7" touch-screen display. It's sure to top everyone's coolest tech gifts list.

Agent Billy Curd, Store 1767 (Charlotte, North Carolina)

"I think the gift I would be most excited to give to someone would be the ability to seamlessly control all of their technology. With the Amazon Echo the ability to do almost anything imaginable is pretty sweet. Having that ability to lock your doors or monitor security systems would ensure total safety for your family. Telling Alexa to change the temperature or change the lighting would enable you to save on your electric bill. The way technology is becoming more integrated now having that technology to bridge it all together is amazing."

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Your Ticket to Hollywood?

With everything you need to turn your phone into a mobile recording device, the Insignia™ Mobile Photography Kit can turn anyone into an on-the-fly amateur movie maker. This complete kit includes macro, wide-angle and fisheye clip-on lenses, directional microphone, flexible tripod, Bluetooth shutter remote and more. It works with phones with up to a 5.5" screen, along with anyone who yearns to shoot video and make movies on the go.

Hoku Wong, Store 763 (Honolulu, Hawaii)

"The gift I would like to give or receive would be the Insignia Mobile Photography Kit because it gives people a really compact way to get some really cool pictures on the go with their cellphones."

Shop Insignia Mobile Photography Kit ›

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