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Green Lantern [Extended Cut] [3 Discs] [Includes Digital Copy] [3D] [Blu-ray/DVD] [UltraViolet] [Blu-ray/Blu-ray 3D/DVD] [2011]

Includes Digital Copy
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    84% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (248 out of 296)

    Special Features

    • A feature-length expedition into Green Lantern, including picture-in-picture commentary
    • 8 featurettes
    • Character bios
    • Galleries
    • Storyboards


    Green Lantern
    A test pilot embraces his destiny as a cosmic superhero in Casino Royale director Martin Campbell's adaptation of the popular DC Comics series. Ever since he saw his fearless father perish in a tragic aviation mishap, all Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) could think about was flying -- it was the only thing the brash, cocky, and irresponsible test pilot ever truly excelled at. Little did he realize he was destined for something much bigger. Somewhere out in space, a powerful force of evil known as Parallax is spreading fear and destruction; the only hope for defeating Parallax is the Green Lantern Corps, a group of intergalactic warriors powered by the force of will. When legendary Green Lantern Abin Sur (Temuera Morrison) is sent hurtling toward planet Earth after a deadly encounter with Parallax, his ring chooses Hal to continue the fight. The ring spirits our hero away to the Green Lantern's home planet of Oa for training. The first human ever to receive the honor of becoming a Green Lantern, Hal is viewed with scorn by the league's leader, Sinestro (Mark Strong), who trains him alongside the hulking Kilowog (voice of Michael Clarke Duncan). Later, on planet Earth, frail scientist Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) becomes infected with Parallax's evil while performing an autopsy on Abin Sur, and uses his newfound powers to stake claim on Carol Ferris (Blake Lively), Hal's lifelong friend and fellow test pilot. When Hal learns that Parallax plans to consume all life on Earth to gain the energy needed to conquer Oa, he begins looking inward for the courage to defeat the malevolent force and embrace his destiny as a super-powered peacekeeper. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

    Cast & Crew

    • Ryan Reynolds
      Ryan Reynolds - Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
    • Blake Lively
      Blake Lively - Carol Ferris
    • Peter Sarsgaard
      Peter Sarsgaard - Hector Hammond
    • Mark Strong
      Mark Strong - Sinestro
    • Tim Robbins
      Tim Robbins - Senator Hammond

    Customer rating

    Rating 4 out of 5 stars with 296 reviews

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    • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

      "Don't make the supersuit green... or animated!!!"

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      On June 17th, 2011, I heard about Green Lantern being a total wash as an origin story, a comic book movie and a movie in general. The film was a huge bomb at the box office, only grossing $220 million worldwide (On a $200 million budget) and a 26% RT score. The film killed Ryan Reynolds' career for a good 5 years and the film series itself was scuttled after the abysmal performance of the film. Comic book geeks hate it, critics loathed it and people in general disregarded it. Is the film really that bad, or is it a diamond in the rough? Well, lets read on.... Billions of years ago, the Guardians of the Universe (No, not the galaxy) used the green essence of willpower to create the Green Lantern Corps, splitting the universe into 3600 sectors, with one protector per sector (Confusing so far?). Abin Sur is the Green Lantern of 2814, which has Earth in its realm, and who defeated Parallax, an ancient entity embodying the yellow light of fear, and cast him to the Lost Sector. Unfortunately, in the present day, survivors of a crash landing on Ryut are killed by Parallax, gaining strength from their fear and attacks his captor, Abin Sur, nearly killing him in the process. Meanwhile, on Earth in the present day, Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) is a cocky test pilot for Ferris Aircraft, testing a new prototype and ultimately destroying it) who has feelings for the VP of Ferris Aircraft, Carol Ferris (Blake Lively). After almost dying, he is riding home when he sees a fiery crash, caused by Abin Sur. Abin Sur told his ring to find a worthy successor. Jordan arrives, finding him, and is forced to take the ring and recite the oath which makes him the new Green Lantern, the first Earthling to do so. After saying the oath at his apartment, he is suddenly whisked away to the planet Oa, the HQ of the Guardians of the Universe. There, he meets Tomar-Re (Geoffrey Rush) who trains the new recruit with his power ring, Kilowag (Michael Clark Duncan) the drill sergeant of the Corps and Sinestro (Mark Strong) who is a mentor of Hal Jordan. Despite his training, Sinestro doesn't believe he is fit being a Green Lantern, due to him believed to be unfit and fearful. Hal quits the Corps, returning to Earth,keeping the ring and the lantern. Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) is an eccentric professor who is picked by his father, Sen. Robert Hammond (Tim Robbins) to lead a government-led autopsy, with co-operation with Dr. Waller (Angela Bassett), to perform the autopsy. Unfortunately, a piece of Parallax was left inside the corpse, which enters Dr. Hammond, and gifts him telekinesis and telepathy, but derives him of his sanity. Learning that his father only chose him to be on the team was because of his father's influence, he decides to kill his father with his telepathy at a party. Jordan, however, saves Senator Hammond, along with other guests at the party, with Carol amongst the guests. Hammond does manage to kill his father, by burning him alive and Jordan then learning Parallax is coming to Earth. Back on Oa, Sinestro learns that Parallax is an embodiment of fear, they decide to forge a ring made of the yellow essence of fear, hoping to defeat fear with fear itself. Jordan returns to Oa, hoping to convince the Guardians that using such a ring would turn the user evil. Being rejected, he returns to Earth, alone, and preparing to save Carol, defeat Parallax and save the planet. Wow, this isn't the most easy to follow plot, nor is it the smoothest movie to watch. Performances were pretty decent, with Reynolds being a good choice as Hal Jordan. Bringing some Deadpool and some Van Wilder to the performance, he manages to believably fill the shoes (Or would that be ring?) of the Green Lantern. Blake Lively, a decent actress, is rather hit-or-miss here, looking nice and not doing to bad and having decent chemistry with her future husband in real life, is too young to believably be a VP and as a fighter pilot. Sarsgaard is very strange and weird, making Hector Hammond a weird, childish, effete man with major daddy issues. His performance was just too weird to actually do anything effective as a villain or anything at all for that matter. Mark Strong is great as Sinestro (Made me with they actually filmed a sequel just to see him go toe-to-toe with Hal) believably being a mentor while being an effective leader and later, a villain. Duncan and Rush do good voice-over work as well, and the rest of the cast doing good work here. Martin Campbell (Of Casino Royale and GoldenEye acclaim) directs this film and, unsurprisingly, isn't up to the task of effectively directing a comic book movie of this magnitude. Campbell is a great action director, giving us terrific action scenes in his 007 outings as well as some great swordplay in his Zorro films, this film however is a bit out of his grasp. While getting (mostly) effective performances here, the flow of the story is fairly obtuse, the action staging seemingly rushed and cheap looking despite the huge price tag,and is seemingly off his A-game. A huge disappointment. The story is also the same way, with a credited 4(!) writers on hand (Credited to Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Michael Green and Michael Goldenberg) and as such, falls victim to the same too-many-cooks-stirring-the-same-pot as other films tend to do. While it does have a beginning, middle and end, it isn't a memorable story, there isn't enough time spent in space (If this was 50% Oa, 50% Eaarth, it would've been better) training Hal, the dialogue is fairly clunky and cliched and the action being uninteresting despite having a huge deluge of comic book lore to go through. A Hot Wheels inspired action scene is cute, but very corporate, cheesy and duller than a toddler's wit. The CGI, in some parts is good, but mainly settles for the cartoony, with the CGI models looking plastic-y, Parallax looking as non-threatening as Galactus in FF: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and the green energy suit being an outright joke, despite a good idea behind it. Even the mask is CG! The editing is decent, the production design fair, and the score being forgettable, this all adds up to a mediocre movie. But, I still find it entirely watchable, with Reynolds being a good lead, and Mark Strong a great Sinestro, it entirely warrants a watch, if only to see how not to make an origin story. Still, this is way better than X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Fant4stic and Batman & Forever, but thats not saying much. Movin on to the BluRay, we start with the PQ/AQ. Can I say this image rivals The Dark Knight and thats not a good thing. The 2D image is very dark and murky, even in sunlight scenes and scenes where explosions or the bursts of green and yellow are the main color, it fails to give us that color punch a lot of us are expecting despite being the best shots of the disc(s). Luckily, the dark shadows does manage to cover up some of the seams of the CGI quite well. Despite it all, the image does look rather nice and detailed, giving us a sharp image with facial details and sets looking nice and preserving the film grain, but turn up the brightness just a few hairs to improve your enjoyment. The 3D, on the other hand, is a disappointment to say the least. Despite a few shots lending a nice 3D image quality, the dark image quality tends to flatten most of the depth, and certain scenes that should pop out just manage to stick out just a tad. Not the worst, but certainly near the bottom of 3D bluray's. The AQ is amazing, with action scenes, music, dialogue and effects all balanced nicely with a nice deep LFE track for your added enjoyment of the 5.1 DTS-HD audio track. Really, a terrific track. Moving on to the extras, we start off with two cuts of the film: Theatrical (Running 114 minutes) and the extended cut (123 min.). While offering a few new scenes giving us a bit more to work with, the whole film still feels incomplete. (Note the Theatrical cut is only in 3D). Next up is WB's Maximum Movie Mode: Green Lantern's Light, running 161 minutes. While not as great as Kevin Smith or Zach Snyder MMM's, this does offer a nice package of interviews, Focus Point featurettes (Accessible separately in the special features running 47 minutes in total) trivia and more, all hosted by Geoff Johns, the CEO of DCE (And new head of the DCEU movies after Snyder kinda dropping the ball with BvS). The Universe According to the Green Lantern (20 min.) is a nice look at the comics with DC writers, filmmakers and fans offer us some nice tidbits about our titular hero. Ryan Reynolds Becomes the Green Lantern (9 min.) is a look on how Reynolds became Hal Jordan, while wearing a MoCap suit and talks about his take on the character. 7 minutes of mediocre deleted scenes are up next, leaving little to be desired or memorable. Justice League #1 Digital Comic is a 9 minute comic of the first issue of the universally despised New 52 comics relaunch. Lastly, is a 7 minute preview of the Green Lantern Animated Series, with simplistic animation, looks very good and has some good voice acting as well. Also included in the package is a DVD of the film (With the latter two extras included on the disc) a UV copy of the film (One of the first films to carry the Ultraviolet brand) and a code to unlock a special skin for Batman: Arkham City. All in all, a very mediocre comic book origin movie, though a few good performances, is mainly a watch just to see what all the hubbub was about years ago. The PQ is mediocre, with weak 3D carried by an amazing soundtrack and a generous portion of extras, its safe to say stick with the 2D version unless you want to experience the "3D" yourself, and only then don't spend more than $15 or so on the disc. On a side note, WB totally missed out on giving the BluRay case itself an Emerald Green case which would've been cool, although the first-run DVD cases had a green case.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Best 3D Blu Ray Superhero movie this year


      If I'm rating just the 3D blu ray Green Lantern, it wins the best 3D Blu Ray released this year that I've seen. The only 3D Blu Ray done better imo is Avatar, which was filmed specifically for 3D. Thor was a close second with the Asgard scenes being awesome, but Green Lantern takes the cake. I haven't fully seen the special features on Captain America, Thor, or X-Men blu rays to compare, but the "Maximum mode: Green Lantern's Light" version waaaay surpasses the normal commentary tracks for other movies. The other extra featurettes are also really cool and give a lot of insight into the making of the movie. Just by looking at the amount of content, there seems to be much more extra features on this Blu Ray than the other super hero movies this year. As for the movie itself, it is a tie for me with X-Men First Class as the best superhero movie of the year. This movie was the most anticipated movie of the year, therefore, it was the most unfairly treated by critics. Those who dislike this movie or leave a negative review most likely saw the first trailer and jumped on the bandwagon deciding before the movie was released it wasn't good, or just had too lofty expectations for any movie to meet. Sure, there was room for improvement, but no more so than all the other comic book adaptations this Summer. There hasn't been a more comic accurate origin story since Superman. It's like the comic walked straight off the page. The acting, including voice acting, was excellent, especially Geoffry Rush, Ryan Reynolds, and Mark Strong. The story was somewhat short and sweet, though cliche for many comic heroes: origin>> learning curve>> saves the Universe. While I was completely happy with the final product, if I could have changed anything about the movie, I would have given about 20-30 more minutes to the "learning curve" phase, and maybe another 5 minutes to the final battle. The speciall effects were breathtaking, and I don't think I've seen a movie to date with as visually stunning effects. Avatar and Tron are the only two that are in the same league. The only real weak spot to this movie was the fact that the script could have really been worked on or tweaked better, and better editing really could have improved the final product. All that being said, I encourage everyone not to be influenced away from this movie from any negative reviews and see it to judge for yourself. This movie may not be for everyone. Heck, some people just don't enjoy Star Wars, others can't get into Lord of the Rings, even though both of those series' are up there with the greatest of all time. However, I can say with confidence, though, that if you like Star Wars and Superhero movies, and if you go in with an open mind an imagination, you will enjoy this movie.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Its fun, and thats all it needs to be


      I'll try to make this short cuz im tired, so here we go. Theres a few good, maybe even great things about Green Lantern. Ryan Reynolds being the obvious first choice to what makes this movie work. Ya just like him, and because of that, you wanna see him succeed, causing an audience to stick around for the whole ride whether they like the storyline or not. The journey he takes is a fun one, at least for me, and alot of the fun comes from the pure eye candy that is all the cool creature and environmental designs once we get outside of Earth. And, as paper thin the story may be, it still appealed to me because of the whole "its your destiny" and "you have the will" type of themes it throws at you. I just really wish the love interest was more important, that the villain wasnt so under used, and that the ending didnt suck. Now those are pretty big gripes, especially for a movie like this, but the positive sides of the movie are pretty good fun to be had. Note that im also not really a fan or familiar with the nature of the character, but maybe thats why i liked it.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Only if you like Green Lantern and 3D!

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I actually saw this in the theater and thought it was okay. Would only given it the mildest recommendation. But this review is for the 3d bluray. First, I should say, I LOVE 3d. I just do. It works for me (and I have FAR from perfect eyes). For better or worse, the story sticks pretty close to the comic series (at least compared to some others, cough*X-Men*cough. Reynolds is charming as ever and the special effects are pretty good. The extras are 'okay', deleted scenes, comic book, cartoon preview, some 'behind the scenes'. I should have prefaced my review with the fact that I cought this (from Best Buy) on sale for very little. Don't want to say to deter future buyers. But that is a factor. It just is. I'm kinder since I got a great deal. Just wish the movie heart or creativity of the other Marvel series. It just sits there. Being okay.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      Bad digital copy process

      • My Best Buy Premier Silver MemberElite Plus Member

      The movie was great, but the digital copy process is just stupid. The digital copy only works with a down loaded program called ULTRAVIOLET. this means that your giving another company access to the information on your computer. This is the first time I have gotten a digital copy I can't use with windows media, and ultraviolet only stores your digital copy for 2 years, meaning you have only 2 years of use. Normally you would keep YOUR digital copy on any backup media you want and play it using any number of players, you can't with this digital copy. I will not be buying any DVD's using ULTRAVIOLET. I guess that is one reason people rip their own copies.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      Digital Copy Is A Joke


      Okay my review has nothing to do with the Movie it's self, other then I enjoyed it. My gripe is that the Digital copy can't be added to I-Tunes you have to download the FLIXSTER program and sign up for an account and then after you jump through all these hoops you can only Download it to that software client which doesn't allow you to put it on your I-Pod to take with you. But you can stream it if you own an IPhone or are at a Wi-Fi hot spot that has a decent internet connection from the FLIXSTER app. absolute garbage. if you don't use ITunes get this movie on sale it' wont be as major of an annoyance but like the majority of the world I do so I will be deleting it as well as the forced programs. Not work full retail.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

      Could of been better

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      Actually, the story that this movie was based on is a great one. Taken from the "Green Lantern: Secret Origins" comic book series, this movie had a lot of potential. The problems? They tried telling too much all at once. They brought in Parallax WAY too early. Parallax is to be Hal's biggest downfall, not his greatest triumph. And Parallax was not introduced till decades into the Green Lantern story. The casting could of been better. Blake Lively as Carol Ferris? Bad choice. Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan? Had he not acted a lot like Ryan Reynolds...? I might of bought it. All in all, it's a movie with good action sequences and great visual effects worth watching once. But this movie does not have replay value.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

      Don't bother with Digital Copy Version!


      Love the movie. Dislike the Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital Copy combo. You have to have Flixster to view Digital Copy. The means you have to have a Wi-Fi connection or 3G connection to view the movie. So if you're in a car trip with the family, you can't view the movie if you don't have a Hot-spot or 3G service. Even if you have a 3G service, those minutes are going to be eat up with the streaming through Flixster. So I recommend that you just buy the DVD or Blu-Ray and if you really need that copy on iPad or iPhone, just purchase through iTunes.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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