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Guardzilla - 360 Outdoor HD Panoramic Security Camera - White

Monitor your property from your smartphone with this Wi-Fi enabled Guardzilla 360-degree outdoor camera. The 100dB siren warns off potential intruders, while night detection records in dim conditions for enhanced security after sunset. This Guardzilla 360-degree outdoor camera instantly alerts your phone when motion is detected, so you can react quickly.

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    • Guardzilla 360 Outdoor HD Panoramic Security Camera

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    71% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (56 out of 79)


    Stay connected with your mobile

    Protect and monitor your home interior or exterior from your smartphone with Guardzilla's simple, intuitive app.

    Built-in siren

    Provides peace of mind by preventing and deterring unwanted intrusions.

    Live 360-degree HD Video monitoring

    View live video of your entire environment.

    2-way communication

    Built-in microphone and speaker let you hear what happens around the camera and talk back through your phone, no matter where you are.

    Automatically activated 360-degree night vision

    Helps to keep an eye on things when there's little to no light.

    Customize motion sensitivity according to your needs

    Set sensitivity as high or low as you want, depending on what types of movements you're expecting to receive notifications for.

    Video cloud storage

    Both free and low cost subscription cloud storage programs ensure you never miss a motion detection event video.

    Flexible mounting

    Easy installation on a ceiling, wall or eave with the magnetic ball mount or on any flat surface with the plastic base.

    AC-DC Dual power options

    Power your camera with the rechargeable internal battery or the 10-foot powercord.


    Built to withstand extreme cold, heat and moisture conditions

    Customer rating

    Rating 3.9 out of 5 stars with 79 reviews

    would recommend to a friend



    • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

      Useful in some specific spots, needs maturity.

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network

      Guardzilla. 360 Full disclosure: I was given an Guardzilla Outdoor 360 surveillance camera in exchange for a timely and honest review. I was intrigued by the idea of a camera with a 360 degree field of vision. It is a very interesting idea, so I accepted the offer to try it out. I own cameras from Nest, Netgear/Arlo, Axis, Logi Circle and an older D-Link camera. In all I have 52 cameras monitoring four locations which gives me a good opportunity to compare systems. The GO 360 looks and feels like a quality product. It is solid and very nice looking. It is well packaged and comes with installation and quick start instructions. Overall it was easy to setup and start to use. Download the app, charge the camera and turn it on. Then follow the prompts. It went pretty well. Though when I unplugged the camera and moved it to another room and plugged it back in, it seemed to hang. I had to power cycle it to get it back up and running. Also, the camera has voice status messages to inform the user as to the status of the setup. This is fairly loud and I didn’t see a way to mute it. So don’t set it up at a time or in a place where some fairly loud audio messages would be undesirable. It isn’t a silent setup, unfortunately. I suspect the voice status is one of those things that sounds pretty cool in the conference room while discussing features than it does to a homeowner finding some time to do a setup while a toddler (or wife) might be asleep. You can place the camera in three basic orientations. Table-top, wall or ceiling mount. Table-top is nice. I was able to look around the room without physically panning a camera and all areas of the room are visible to the camera at the same time. I have little need to observe the ceiling, but who knows! I moved the camera outside and replaced one of my Arlo wireless cameras as a test. The hemispherical mount for the magnetic mounting is very similar to that of the Arlo camera, so it was an easy swap. There is a setting for the mounting position which instructs the camera software as to how to interpret the image. I adjusted mine to “wall mount” and the image oriented properly. Outdoors, the image catches quite of bit of sky, even when the camera is wall mounted and aimed at a somewhat downward angle. I found this to add to false motion alerts when the sun is in the wrong spot. I suspect moving branches would also be an issue. Motion events show up in Event History and can be viewed by moving your mobile device around or by swiping your finger around the display. This is pretty cool. If you download a motion event, the video appears to stay in the app. That is not common for systems like this. Usually video and photo downloads go to a local folder or the Photos app (on iOS) which makes sharing the photos and videos very easy to do. I didn’t see an easy way to share the videos from the GO 360 app. I suspect that is due to the nature of the video being hemispherical rather than flat. Taking a snapshot does actually drop an image into the Photos app on iOS and the image is round. See attached. It is interesting, but it doesn’t match the view I had when I asked for the snapshot. It seems like there should be an option for the flat view or the hemispherical image. Motion events are recorded to “the cloud” and I don’t see any microSD card slot in the camera for local storage as an option or as a backup to cloud storage. This is similar to Nest. Arlo allows for a micro SD card or USB stick (depending on the model) as a backup incase the network goes down at some point. Camera resolution is a bit weak IMHO…even when set to MAX quality. I assume this is due to the large image capture area. If a normal image section (~140 degrees wide and half as tall) of this hemispherical image was HD then the image in total would need to be many times that size. Perhaps 8-10X (or more) larger. So it appears Godzilla was forced to trade off image quality for image scope. I’ve been spoiled by HD and UltraHD cameras recently, so I’ve come to expect extreme image clarity. Since this is a battery operated camera, GO 360 doesn’t appear to support motion zones. That matches Arlo cameras when running on battery. I’ve only seen motion zones on line-powered cameras. However, the GO 360 has a much larger image scope (coverage area) so motion anywhere in the hemispherical scope of view will trigger a motion event that that is not always a good thing. Especially outdoors with sun and branches as I mentioned previously. I use geofencing whenever possible and the GO 360 offers home and away functionality. However, I don’t see a way to have this controlled by more than one mobile device. I always have our geofencing controlled by my phone and my wife’s phone, so cameras are armed only when we are both away form home. I also didn’t see any “schedule” functionality that would let me alter the camera operating mode by time of day and day of the week. Arlo appears to do this the best. I can use Schedule along with geofencing to control how the cameras behave when we are home and away. Not just on or off based on our location. Nest also does not appear to allow using both geofencing and scheduling together, but it does allow one or the other. I can’t confirm battery life since I have only had the camera a few days. I assume it will be as advertised since the camera is fairly good size and there should be plenty of room for battery capacity inside. One issue, however, is that the battery is not removable. So the camera must be removed for charging and placed back in position after changing. My Alro cameras allow me to swap a fresh battery for the depleted battery, leaving the camera in place. Since I have a dedicated Arlo battery charger, I always have a fresh battery ready to go. When a camera requires a ladder to reach it, this is an important attribute. I just go up and down the ladder once and I can put the ladder away immediately. If I had had to bring the camera down to charge it, that will add time and may require that I put away a ladder. Since the only way to mount the GO 360 is via a magnetic mount, many people will want to locate their cameras high enough so they can’t be easily plucked down by a “bad guy” standing on the ground, so this scenario seems likely. After using the camera for a couple of days, I think it could be handy in a smaller space on a table or ceiling mounted. There are times when looking around the room is useful. For general surveillance, I’d lean toward other solutions available on the market. Reportedly, there is more functionality coming in future software releases, so some of the shortcomings are likely to be remedied at some point.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      A lot different than other security cameras

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network

      The camera came nicely packaged in a cylindrical tube, the top half being clear displaying the camera. After cutting a couple seals the top “clear” half comes off and inside you will find the camera, base, magnetic wall/ceiling mount, power adapter, USB Cable “nice and long”, mounting hardware for the mount and a quick start guide. The camera itself has a nice heavy duty feeling to it, it’s not a light piece of plastic by any means. The first thing you’ll want to do is charge the camera, I used the enclosed charger and USB cable then let it charge till the front light turned green. You’ll also want to download and install the Guardzilla app for your Android or IOS device. Next, follow the instructions for turning on the camera and setting up an account through the Guardzilla app. It’s very simple to do and only took me a few minutes to get everything connected and running. What’s very unique about this camera is it really does give you a full 360 degree view, when sitting upright and using their app you can move your phone around to look all around the area, straight up, all around and most of the way down to the floor. The app has a selector to pick how you have the camera mounted. We currently have it mounted on the wall above our front door and it gives an excellent 180 degree view side/side. My neighbor was pretty amazed how you could look around the image with this, “he’ll probably be picking one up very soon”. When setting up the camera you will want to go into the settings and play around with the motion detection sensitivity, brightness, alert types and other settings you may want for your individual preferences. There’s also a built in microphone and speaker that allows you to hear and talk back through the camera, it works pretty well and if the camera isn’t mounted too far away you can be heard fairly easily. Setting the image quality on “high” in the app produces excellent video quality. I don’t know what the hit is on battery life but changing it down a little will probably help extend it. I’ve been heavily testing this unit and recording / viewing a lot more than I normally would so I’ll have to test out the battery life once I get into more real world use. At the moment it’s been a lot of fun being able to pan the phone around and look about the area so I’m pretty much eating up the battery really fast but still get 3 or so days out of it. If you plan on using this where there’s a lot of activity, “or just like messing around with it”, I would recommend using the adapter and cable to keep it powered up, the USB cable is around 10’ long so it’s plenty long to reach. The battery would act as a backup in case of a power outage “as long as your network has backup power”. All the videos are stored in the cloud, and there’s no SD card slot or external onsite storage with this, it’s strictly cloud based. The cloud storage is plenty fast and playback wasn’t hindered on my end either using my home based Wi-Fi, cellular data, or the free public Wi-Fi at my car dealership while I was waiting for an oil change. The free 2 days of storage would probably be plenty for anyone wanting to use this as a monitoring device or short term security. I’d opt for one of the plans they offer for longer videos “30 seconds instead” and longer storage lengths “7 or 30 days” the cheapest plan if you purchase annually is $50 which isn’t bad at all, or $4.99 a month if you want to go that route. The company is also offering professional monitoring but I haven’t looked into this part of it as of yet. This is a new device and somewhat newer technology in the security camera world so I’m going to give the company and developers the benefit of the doubt that they will be enhancing this even more with future updates. Their customer support has been quick to answer back and very helpful getting things figured out. This is a great addition to our security system and I’d recommend it to anyone.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

      Built well, nice idea - lacking execution.

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • Top 1000 ContributorTop 1000 Contributor

      First, let me start off that I am a video cam enthusiast. Well , some could is a video cam nut. Regardless, I own Arlo Pro’s 1 and 2, Samsung Smart Cams, D-Link and TP-Link Casa cam. All have their strengths and weaknesses and I felt most are very similar. That is until I received the Guardzilla 360 Outdoor ( at first.) Like I said earlier, all of these are similar - night vision, two way communication, battery powered ( on some ) but the Guardzilla has something none of the others have. A nearly 360 degree, a panoramic view . Frankly, that part is amazing. Once installed, you can view nearly all angles from your phone by simply moving your phone lie you are turning your heard around. Alternatively , you scan scroll to almost any angle with your finger. Simply an amazing lens design. The camera does not even rotate - it looks like it is all just from techical lens design . From a design standpoint, it has it all : battery powered ( or wired if you want, ) very strong magnetic base for mounting, a table top mount, 2 way speaker, a siren , motion sensor , water and dust resistant ( IPX65,) night vision and a sturdy design. The Guardzilla 360 is just a well thought out design. So what about the installation? Very simple - down load the app and put the cam in pairing mode and you are up and running ( after you create an account.) There were no issues with installation and I was viewing a picture in a few minutes. I do see some criticisms about the app and while it is simplistic in it’s features, it does do the job. I do get the feeling like it is a work in progress. One of the most important aspects of a video cam is the performance. I found the picture to be in the middle of pack in terms of quality but not as good as the Arlo, Nest and Samsung’s of the world. You can see that it is just is not as sharp as the better video cams on the market. However, I think this is inherent to the design of a panoramic video cam and is something that I can live with. The night vision is just barely average. I found it grainy indoors and not great outdoors. Even though this is sold as an outdoor video cam, I find the it more suited to indoor usage. Everything sounds good so far but there is a major issue preventing me from recommending the Guardzilla 360 Outdoor - the lack of support. When I received the video cam, there was a letter from Guardzilla thanking me and if I had any questions to email the person who wrote the letter ( Terry B.) So I wrote an email with some questions and minor issues I was having. The next day I see an email form Guardzilla that I was expecting to be Terry’s response but it was from another rep named Emma W. Again , it was a thank you and to email her directly with any questions. Since I did not hear back from Terry, I emailed Emma my questions but let her know that it had only been yesterday that I emailed Terry. Then I waited for a response from either of Guardzilla team. It has now been 6 days and no response. Nothing in my SPAM folder, no follow up - nothing. My questions were simple and there should have been some type of response one way or another . Here are some of the questions that remain unanswered : The app and the Guardzilla website shows you can integrate Google Home. However, Guardzilla does not show on the Google list for adding a device. When I go to the Google Assistant site , it does list it as an option and I sent the link to my phone. When I try to link Guardzilla , it does appear to work. I say appear to not work because it does not show Guardzilla as a linked service but when I test some commands , it does work. It may be helpful to include a list of Google Home commands in future documentation ( unless I missed it.) I am running the latest version of Android on Google Pixel XL2. On the website it shows it is compatible with Samsung Smartthings, I am not seeing any integration or options fo interaction with Smartthings. What does Smarthings do with Guardzilla? Is there a way to manually trigger the siren, such as the panic option on other Guardzilla products? There is none in the app. There is a QR code with a mac address on a sticker on the side of the cam. Is this going to be vital for anything ? I plan on mounting the cam outside and feel the sticker will come off eventually. How does the notification ( if any ) work for firmware and app updates? I am showing the firmware is but the letter states there is a firmware update coming. My version of the App is 1.4.7 . The app showed that I get 6 months of enhanced video storage, how do I verify this? As you can see, these are not earth shattering questions and no something that would stop me from recommending this product . What will stop me from recommending something is not supporting it. Normally I would think one lack of response can happen but two after nearly a week of waiting? There is a breakdown somewhere in their support structure to allow that to happen. Even with the appearance that some features need polishing, I would still have recommended the Guardzilla 360 Outdoor. Guardzilla even states they will have updates coming out shortly. The actual build of the product and the unique feature set is great. However, there is no excuse for lack of customer service. I see this as a wait and see product and pass for now until they get their updates and customer service straight.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      A great, unique way to do camera'ing!

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network

      I have gotten a lot of cameras over the last couple of years but none like Guardzilla. I wanted Guardzilla to be a comprehensive solution to my home security. The plan was to put a camera on my front stoop to alert me to visitors and give me the ability to communicate with them if needed. Receiving the Guardzilla it came in a huge package that really gave off a cool vibe. It felt less a camera and more like receiving a new computer or something. Very cool. Setting it up was incredibly easy compared to other cameras. The camera was found right away and I was up and running in just a few minutes using my Apple iPhone 6 Plus and Ipad Pro Plus. One note though, the app search for "Guardzilla" found nothing in the Apple store but going to the Guardzilla site as noted in the setup docs and clicking on Guardzilla app for iOS found it without issue and I was off and running. One last note on the setup, the camera does use a rather loud voice so maybe don't set it up while having a hangover and trying to not wake the wife in the next room ;) Once I was running the interface of the app was fairly easy to setup and use. The SET POV sometimes seemed to revert to a view that skewed downward but that was fixed in an update. Everything was up and running in no time but I quickly noticed one issue: no video clips were showing up in my events log. When you set up the system it gives you several options, one of those being free video clips for 2 days at 30 seconds a clip. There are other, better pay options to pay for longer storage save times and even options for remote home security monitoring as the professional services such as ADT do. But where are the clips? I could not locate them no matter what I did. I decided to give it a rest and work on it the next day. The next day I woke up and realized I had gotten an email from an Emma at Guardzilla customer service who welcomed me to the Guardzilla family and hoped that if I had any questions I would contact them. Well, perfect timing! So I did write back to Emma and asked how do I view the video clips? Well to my surprise within about 30 minutes I got a reply and we started working to resolve the issue. After several emails back and forth we did resolve the issue by me allowing Guardzilla to push a new software version to my camera. So the customer service was incredibly good. They worked with me extensively, on a timely basis to resolve my issue and I cannot state just how much this means to me because in this day and age such great customer service is not the norm, it's a very rare exception. Once the camera was up and running I did take the time to note just how awesome it was that you could swirl the camera up, down and all around to see everything in the vicinity. Very amazing. Yes the resolution could be a slight bit better but the ability to see such a comprehensive view makes it very well worth it. The siren that is in the unit is loud but not ear splitting like my home alarm but it will do the job I think. It also gives you the ability to set how long the alarm runs in case you want to shorten it or make it longer. The entire app gives you a good amount of flexibility in how you want to use the camera which is great I think. So bottom line? Honestly I was going to rate this camera four stars because it does seem to have a few issues with the software (the POV not staying, my issue with the camera clips, etc) but nothing that is a dealbreaker. It just seems new and in need of some software updates. But with the excellent customer service that Guardzilla gave to me, not only friendly but fast and smart customer service, I raised my rating to five stars. If not for that I'd wonder if the camera and the app was going to get those needed updates, but considering how on the ball the Guardzilla company is I have no doubt that they will do so. Listen, the mere fact that the company stands behind its product and really seems to care that they keep customers and make them happy goes a long way toward obtaining my future business and should be strongly considered if you are on the fence for a security camera. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Basic Security

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network

      Guardzilla - 360 Outdoor HD Panoramic Security Camera - White Included- The camera, stand, mounting screw and anchor, ball mount, power adapter, USB cable and home security sticker. Upon initial unpacking, you will have to charge the camera to a full charge. The recommended time is about 5 hours. You will also need to download the free Guardzilla app and connect the camera to your wifi to properly set up your camera. You have a few options to set up the camera. It can be mounted on a flat surface by placing it in the stand, like a table or countertop or mounted to a wall or ceiling using the magnetic ball mount. Installation for my husband was fairly easy. It only took a couple minutes to mount. The hardest part was deciding where to put it in the front of our house to get the best coverage. It will be much more helpful to have 2 people to do this. We turned the camera on to see the picture while one person held it in place and the other person checked the viewpoint. We ended up putting it on our far corner of our garage. We get the whole view point of the garage, driveway and porch. The camera is pretty discreet. You can see it but it does a good job blending into our fascia so it's not a big eye sore from the street. In the app, you are able to control the camera and settings. It monitors the battery level, notifications, adjust sensitivity settings, watch the picture and adjust it's settings, listen or speak outside, check the event history, and set sirens, and access directions and guides. There is also an Autoarm feature which will automatically arm your system when you leave your home. It will trigger when your phone is about 1/4 mile away from the house. Once the camera is armed, it will activate the motion detection function. If it detects any motion, it will send an email and/or push notification to you, a video of the event will be recorded (and stored in your event history) and the siren which blasts at a 90 decibel level will sound for a designated time (if that is activated). You can go in any time to see a live 360 degree view on your app. You will want to set your POV on the camera otherwise the camera will move around when you move your phone and may not be left pointing the direction you want it. Show POV always brings it back to the set viewpoint. There is a free trial of 5 second video with no audio included for 7 days. I wish it was always included. Of course, you can upgrade to a paid plan if you want it or need it. I like the option of not having to pay a monthly fee. The sensitivity level is something you will have to tweak. With my household having little kids that play out in the front of the house, it sets it off all the time so we're on the lowest sensitivity. And the POV settings should be more user friendly. I will also wonder how annoyed I will be to have to retrieve the camera over and over to recharge the battery. But it's a good tool to have if you don't need anything to sophisticated in price or installation.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

      Gadget? Useful Tool?

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network

      Obviously, a great deal of effort has gone into the design of both the device and the essential app. Equally obviously, there likely are situations in which a 360-degree view could be useful. Let’s examine: Camera: Feels very solid and well made. Each component seems as if it was chosen because of its quality and strength. The mounting system is similar to other security and monitoring cameras and has a very hefty magnet allowing a wide range of installations including wall, ceiling, and even “tabletop.” Simply holding the camera give one a sense of quality and purpose. Very nicely done. Features: Bountiful! In addition to the wide-ranging camera view there is a siren, two-way communications, Listen-only mode, snapshot, etc. Clearly this was intended to be flexible and to serve multiple situations. Installation: Physical installation required only one small screw and took less than a minute. It felt secure on the first try. The app downloaded easily and setup was simple with voice confirmations and guidance from the camera’s internal software. App and Software: In order to use the camera and any of its many features it must be linked to your phone, either Android or iOS. Although the app downloaded easily and installed quickly it was somewhat quirky and unreliable. After getting the “connection complete” message from the “voice” in the camera, the app seemed to take many, many minutes in “looking for camera” mode. The device only works with a 2.4 gHZ connection. A few hours later, it again spent several minutes “looking.” Also, the app kept “asking for permission” to view contacts, photos, etc., an annoying request that is clearly not necessary and seems just one more privacy intrusion. Ultimately the app connected, but the home page with the settings “cog” never showed and required going through several steps to deal with some settings while others were never found. After experimenting with various features and views (the 360-degree view is a hoot at first) I found that it was difficult to maintain connection despite having an actual and indicated very strong wi-fi signal for both the camera and app. Overall, it is a feature-laden camera with several interesting capabilities but leaves me to wonder how often most people would use many of them. Finally, a comment on packaging: The enclosed images show the size of the container in which it is sold. It is hugely over-packaged and could easily be half the size. In an era when plastic waste is such a serious problem, why does a company need to use well over one pound of plastic that will soon be in a landfill or increasingly tenuous recycling system?

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Solid hardware, app needs maturing

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network

      The Guardzilla 360 camera is truly an amazing camera. Check out their demo, it’s truly amazing to have a full 360 degrees of footage or live view. Unlike many cameras, you don’t have any moving parts, and can scroll instantly to any position. The hardware is really solid - execution seems top notch. The software (admittedly early) is not quite on the same level. First let’s start with what you get in the package. The camera itself is on display in the package. It’s conical shaped, w/ black plastic surrounding the camera area. In the base of the box you’ll find a charger, stand (for sitting on a table/shelf), and magnetic mount. The magnetic mount in particular is strong, giving you some confidence. The stand technically works well. I assume if you had a large open plan home, using this inside either on battery or hooked to power you could watch your entire home. I took the getting started instructions advice, and charged it fully before running on battery. The magnetic mount was my choice of mounting hardware. I chose eve mounting on my front porch. This is a key area for me, since so many packages get dropped off here. Sometimes the delivery guy chooses my garage area, and the 360 degree nature allows me to at least get a peak at that area as well. Once mounted, I started the app. The first pairing didn’t work, but a few button holding/pressing/rejoining WiFi fixed it. The camera is standalone, which means it needs your smartphone to connect, configure and get it running on your WiFi. It does use 2.4Ghz WiFi, and despite some other people’s complains, I prefer IoT devices on my 2.4Ghz WiFi to keep my 5Ghz humming away for my actual devices. 2.4Ghz range is better anyways and even if this device supported both, would be my choice. Once paired, you can view the camera by choosing ‘Monitor’ in the app. Now the app… This is probably the biggest weakness of the camera setup at the moment. It’s not horrible, but it also isn’t what I would consider world class either. When I first installed it, it sent me several notifications that were pure marketing, telling me to buy the product I already owned. This is a key example of non-contextual marketing, and it is obnoxious. It’s fine to announce new products, but if the customer already owns it, don’t tell them to rush out and buy it now. The app is also a huge up-seller. The option for cloud storage is pretty basic on the free tier (and somewhat hidden - giving the impression you have to pay to play after buying your relatively expensive camera), and moving up to the $5 a month plan allows 30 seconds with audio (free tier doesn’t record audio - a somewhat silly limitation) and allows access for 7 days. This ‘enhanced tier’ is comparable with Netgears’s free service for Arlo. Another advantage with Arlo is you can use local storage to save your own recordings (albeit with a separate base unit - making the cameras non-standalone). It might have been nice to provide a micro sd or NAS storage option for those who might not want to use the cloud storage. There is also several different ways to end up in the ‘Professional Monitoring’ upsell, which for $10 a month. They make sure to point out that insurance companies do offer discounts for professional monitoring - but I haven’t looked into this option. Still, the app is workable, and most problems fixable. It would be awesome to implement motion zones, but I’m unsure of how that would work on a battery operated device (might be a limitation of the technology -not sure). Speaking of battery, I’m down to about 50% after 2 weeks or so. I’d expect a solid month from this device (some higher usage these first two weeks might have run it down faster than normal too). The included charger is 5.3V at 2.0a microusb. Notifications seem to work, and then other times seem to miss. I have the detection set to high and for the most part it picks up deliveries, etc. However far away motion isn’t picked up (thankfully), but it’s hard to understand where that threshold is. I’ve also had it totally miss close motion when armed. I initially only had push notifications on, but oddly, when I enabled ‘email’ notifications along with push things seemed to work better, so I’m unsure what’s up with that. In conclusion, the guardzilla 360 is truly a great camera technology, with some limitations (limited flexibility with motion detection, guardzilla only cloud storage, mediocre app). If you can live with those limitations, have a good place to mount, and have an equally good use case for the 360 view, you won’t be disappointed. However if all you need is to monitor a porch or hallway, your money is better spent on a smaller angle camera. That said, the software is still early, and the company is producing great hardware - so the limitations might shrink quite quickly.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Super Versatile 360º HD Security Camera

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network

      Wow, it's not often I get a new gadget that really exceeds my expectations, the Guardzilla 360º Outside All-In-One HD Camera did exactly that! When it arrived, it seemed a little larger than some of the other cameras I've owned or tried, it's definitely a substantial device. It ships with the camera unit, 2 mounting options and power/charging cord...very straight forward. Once unpacked I took a quick read through the setup instructions and quickly had the unit up and running and the Guardzilla app installed on my iPhone X. The app walks you through the setup, so it's pretty difficult to not get it right. Overall it took about 5-10 from unboxing to setting all the camera features. And speaking of features, with this camera you can monitor the live feed, adjust the "monitor" or camera setup such as Volume, Brightness, Contrast, etc. There are also options for turning on the listen feature, 2-way communication and taking snapshots. There are numerous options to setup the siren and for arming the unit, such as an auto-arm feature when you leave your local WiFi area...pretty cool! Notifications can be configured to email, text or push alerts if there is motion detected. This is literally the most feature-rich security device I have ever owned. Guardzilla also offers a few service options, such as an online service to store recordings and professional security monitoring. The app is solid with no issues so far, and the follow up from Guardzilla was unexpected. When I registered the camera, they sent a follow up email welcoming me to the company and provided contact info for any support issues. A nice touch! Pros: - Easy setup and usage for camera and app - Crisp and clear video feed with almost no lag..including audio - A multitude of setup options for the camera and alarm - Easy mounting, with the ability to be mounted on a ceiling, wall or counter - Integration with Nest, ITTT, Alexa and Google Assistant - Great company support and follow up Cons: - Alarm isn't super loud, but should be enough to startle an intruder or warn your neighbors - Magnetic mounting system for outside is easy to use, but could allow for unit to be stolen Overall this is one of the best high-tech devices I've purchased in many years. It really lives up to all expectations and would recommend it to anyone looking for a super-versitle HD camera for indoors or outdoors.

      I would recommend this to a friend

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