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Take control of your health at home.

Smarter products to manage your health.

Introducing technology from Best Buy that helps make your health — and the health of your loved ones — easier to manage. With years of experience bringing you cutting-edge technology products, we've teamed up with some of the top brands in smart health to support you on your healthcare journey.1

Why smart health?

Mom and child with smart thermometer

Care for loved ones at home.

Whether you're caring for a sick child, a spouse or a parent, smart health products can help you understand when something is wrong and figure out what to do next.

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Person using glucose meter

Manage a chronic condition more effectively.

Tracking your health on a regular basis can provide valuable insight and give you the information you need to help improve the day-to-day choices that impact your health.

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Woman on yoga mat

Take steps to protect your health.

Staying healthy is a daily habit. Smart products like an activity tracker or smartwatch can help you stay motivated by monitoring your movement and health metrics over time.

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How smart health works

Check up on your health anytime, anywhere.

Smart health products make it easier to keep tabs on your health — or the health of a loved one — from wherever you are. Take your blood pressure, see if your child has a fever, or check your heart rhythm from home, all without waiting for a doctor's appointment.

Track health information over time.

By recording your health metrics on a daily basis, such as blood glucose levels or how often you took your asthma medication, smart technology can provide insight into your health based on long-term trends.

Get access to personalized guidance.

If a smart health device detects anything out of the ordinary, such as irregular heart rhythms, you'll receive personalized guidance on the steps needed to protect your health.

EKG monitoring device and app
Person checking smartwatch
Smart device app screen related to possible atrial fibrillation
Person using heart monitor


Check your heart rhythm in just 30 seconds. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Person testing food for allergies

Nima Peanut Sensor

Test food for peanuts before meals with this portable connected food sensor.

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Mom and child with smart thermometer

Kinsa smart thermometer

Kinsa does more than just take your child's temperature. It offers guidance on next steps and keeps track of your family's health history.

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What smart technology can do for your health

Know when it's time to go to the doctor.

Smart health products designed for home use, such as a smart thermometer or EKG monitor, can give you information that helps you know when it's time to see a doctor.

Keeping an eye on your family's health at home can reduce unnecessary doctor visits, which may save you time and money in the long run.

Have a more effective conversation with your doctor.

By sharing the health metrics from your glucose meter, blood pressure monitor or other smart health device with your doctor, you'll be able to guide the conversation for a more productive visit.

Long-term data trends give you the information you need to talk more effectively with your doctor about what's going on with your health.

Be empowered to make better health decisions.

With the knowledge gained from using smart health technology, you'll be empowered to make better decisions for your health.

Knowing your numbers and other health data on a regular basis and tracking trends over time can provide insight into how your daily choices affect your well-being.

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FSA and HSA cards

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Use your HSA or FSA funds on eligible items. Look for the "HSA/FSA eligible" badge on qualifying products.

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EKG monitor

Heart health

  • Track your heart health over time
  • Run tests at home or on the go
  • Share long-term trends with your doctor
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Glucose meter


  • Track your numbers over time
  • Small enough to take anywhere
  • Easily share results with your doctor
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Food allergy tester

Food allergies

  • Test for peanuts or gluten using just a crumb
  • Easy to use at home or away
  • App notifications provide peace of mind for parents
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  • Set reminders for taking your medication
  • Track medication usage automatically
  • Share data with your doctor
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Family care

  • Track health history with a smart thermometer
  • Get medication reminders
  • Find a smarter way to manage asthma and food allergies
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Activity tracker

Healthy living

  • Track your activity levels
  • Monitor your sleep patterns over time
  • Stay motivated to achieve your health goals
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