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Bring the fitness studio home to you.

Low monthly payments with the My Best Buy® Credit Card.

Break a sweat. Trek the globe. All without leaving your home. NordicTrack treadmills and studio cycles feature built-in virtual training with over 40 expert instructors and hundreds of classes — giving you an easy way to replace your gym membership for less than the average cost.

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Train at home with the pros.

Personalized workout recommendations.

Based on your fitness level, goals, and interests, you'll receive workout suggestions tailored just for you. The equipment automatically tracks your fitness metrics and adjusts recommendations based on your progress and preferences.

  • Enjoy access to over 40 experienced personal trainers who will guide you through inspiring workouts.
  • Track your progress and get recommendations for new classes and programs that will help you move up to the next level.
  • Choose from more than 400 treadmill classes and 180 studio cycle classes for all fitness levels and interests, including endurance training, muscle building, HIIT workouts and more.
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Virtual studio classes.

Experienced fitness trainers offer the energy and excitement of working out in a group, whether it's spin class or a virtual trail run. Plus, your iFit-enabled equipment automatically updates when new features are available.

  • Enjoy a boutique studio atmosphere at home with virtual classes led by elite trainers.
  • Feel the energy and excitement of working out in a group.
  • Create or join challenges, add your friends as users, and encourage each other to keep reaching for your goals.

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Global excursions without leaving home.

Follow top trainers as they take you on challenging excursions around the world. Your equipment automatically adjusts to the virtual terrain to make it feel like you're there in person.

  • Explore beautiful destinations, from the Swiss Alps to Thailand, while you exercise with elite trainers.
  • Your iFit-enabled equipment will automatically incline, decline or adjust the resistance to match the terrain of your virtual location.
  • Choose from hundreds of workouts featuring a wide range of difficulty, locations and class types.

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A boutique experience without the boutique pricing.

An average boutique gym membership can cost up to $150/month. 1 With NordicTrack and iFit, you can get all the benefits of an in-home studio for low monthly payments with the My Best Buy® Credit Card.

Find the best treadmill or studio cycle for you
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Find easy options to get rid of your old treadmill, stationary bike or other exercise equipment.    

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Track your progress and help boost recovery.

The latest fitness technology helps you track your results over time, recover faster and get the most from your workouts. Innovative technology and support helps you stay motivated and meet your goals.

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Track your progress.

Get the most out of your workouts with a scale or body composition device that connects to an app and monitors your progress over time.

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Enhance recovery.

Encourage faster recovery and soothe sore muscles with the latest technology, including vibrating massagers and foam rollers.

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Sleep monitor

Monitor your sleep.

Focus on improving your sleep quality by blocking out ambient noise and tracking your sleep patterns over time.

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Featured tech for recovery and tracking

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Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi smart scale

Keep track of your progress with the Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi smart scale. You'll get access to your BMI, body fat percentage, lean mass and overall weight changes on your smartphone, computer or tablet.

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Hyperice technology

Accelerate your recovery time with the vibration technology built into Hyperice massagers and foam rollers. The combination of heat and vibration can help speed muscle recovery and improve mobility.

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NordicTrack treadmills and studio cycles

Includes 1-year iFit subscription.

Activity trackers and pedometers

Boost motivation and track your progress.

Apple Watch

Stay active. Stay healthy. Stay connected.

Fitness and GPS watches

Map your run and track your workout stats.

Scales and heart rate monitors

Set goals and measure your progress.

Sleep monitoring and accessories

Get insight into your sleep patterns.

Vibrating massagers and foam rollers

Soothe sore muscles and speed your recovery.

Smartwatches and accessories

Track your fitness and get notifications.