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Connected Fitness

Bring the fitness studio home to you.

Low monthly payments with the My Best Buy® Credit Card.

Break a sweat. Trek the globe. All without leaving your home. Get access to virtual training with expert instructors and hundreds of classes — giving you an easy way to replace your gym membership for less than the average cost.

Find the best fitness equipment for you

Studio fitness at home.


Row in sync with world-class athletes.

Stream live classes filmed in breathtaking locations on the water. Join up with your rowing crew and participate in daily rows, challenges and special events that motivate you to achieve your goals.

Hydrow tracks your progress and helps you complete your fitness routine with yoga, stretching, functional movement and resistance training.


Train at home with the pros.

Workout recommendations tailored just for you. High-energy fitness instructors. Group classes that push your limits. With NordicTrack, you can experience studio-level fitness in the comfort of your own home.

Follow top trainers as they take you on challenging excursions around the world, such as a virtual cycling tour or trail run. Create or join challenges, add your friends as users, and encourage each other to keep reaching for your goals.


Cutting-edge technology for faster recovery.

Move better and feel your best with Hyperice technology built into percussion devices and fitness rollers. The vibration and percussion technology will speed up muscle recovery and improve mobility.


Make your body your machine.

Whether you are beginning your journey or pushing hard towards a new level, TRX Training delivers customized training options for all levels and all goals. TRX created Bodyweight Suspension Training to build muscle, burn fat, improve endurance, and increase mobility. Using high-quality TRX training gear, your body's own weight, and TRX's pro-trainer created workouts, Bodyweight Suspension Training will allow you to achieve your personal best.

Getting started is simple. Learn TRX's 7 basic exercises (Push, Pull, Plank, Hinge, Lunge, Squat and Rotate) and quickly progress at your own rate into hundreds of full-body workouts that you can do at home, on the road, or outside. With TRX, the world is your gym so you can workout anywhere, anytime, and make your body your machine.


Train harder, recover faster.

Get your body back in the game more quickly with the NormaTec Body Recovery System. Used by many pro and college athletes, NormaTec's system features compression air massage that helps improve circulation and reduce muscle soreness after vigorous training and sport sessions. Choose from leg, lower body or full body recovery systems. 

Hands-on help.

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Experience connected fitness in store.

Try before you buy and schedule an in-store demo of the latest treadmills, studio cycles and other fitness equipment.

Schedule a free in-store demo
Get tips on how to measure your space to make sure your new workout equipment will fit.
We'll take the old equipment that you're replacing (of the same type) when we deliver your new equipment. For example, we'll take your old treadmill when you buy a new treadmill.
Geek Squad® will deliver your fitness equipment, set it up, and make sure everything is workout-ready before they leave. Professional delivery and installation is strongly recommended.

A boutique experience without the boutique pricing.

An average boutique gym membership can cost up to $150/month.1 With monthly financing on connected fitness equipment, you can get all the benefits of an in-home studio for low monthly payments with the My Best Buy® Credit Card.

My Best Buy credit card

Fitness designed for you.

Get customized recommendations tailored to your fitness level. As your fitness improves, you'll get new recommendations to build on your progress.
Push yourself to the max with instructors that motivate, inspire and encourage you to reach your fitness goals.
Feel the energy and excitement of working out in a group with leaderboards, challenges and an online community.

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Shop fitness equipment and accessories

Work out in the convenience of your home with studio-quality fitness equipment.

Get the most out of your workouts with accessories that track your progress, enhance recovery or monitor your sleep.

  1. Compared to Torque Cycling at $15 per class and 10 classes per month (11/6/18).