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Home Gym

Get fit at home with NordicTrack and ProForm exercise equipment.

Add a medicine ball, resistance training products, equipment mats and more.

A Certified Personal Trainer wants to talk live with you.

Shop home gym brands.

Experience studio-level fitness in the comfort of your own home. Connect to workout recommendations, high-energy fitness instructors, group classes and top trainers who can push your limits.*

Dive into dynamic, high-energy workouts and connect to trainers* that will transform your treadmill into your own home fitness hub. Find the perfect treadmill, bike, rower or elliptical for spaces of any size.

Row in sync with world-class athletes by streaming live classes filmed in breathtaking locations on the water. Join your rowing crew to participate in daily rows and special events that motivate you to achieve your goals.*

Bowflex fits the needs of any home gym, no matter the size of your space. Find treadmills, ellipticals, weights and benches. Plus, Bowflex apps and personalized feedback help you get the most out of your workout.*

Find a selection of treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes, including ergonomically designed models that minimize impact and maximize comfort. Plus, enjoy connected features that let you track your progress.*

Get your heart pumping without leaving the house. Find bikes, treadmills and rowers that help you track your stats, or connect to world-class apps* that help you escape the everyday and stay on track.

Tempo smart mirrors and accessories help you train smarter with personalized feedback built into every workout. Track your data and improve your form in live and on-demand classes led by top coaches.*

Add the unique combination of high-intensity cardio, resistance training and connected technology to your gym.* The no-impact body positioning makes CLMBR perfect for all ages, body sizes and fitness levels.

Take control of your daily wellness with at-home massage devices that are scientifically calibrated to reach deep into muscles to effectively reduce tension and accelerate workout recovery.

Bring home cutting-edge technology designed for faster workout recovery. The vibration and percussion technology built into Hyperice devices can help soothe sore muscles and improve mobility.

Create the ultimate strength training space for any room and any budget. Find a wide array of dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and resistance training equipment designed to maximize your home gym.

Build muscle, burn fat, improve endurance and increase mobility — all by using your body’s own weight. Add complete systems and accessories to any room of the house or bring them on the go.

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Get your heart pounding with an intense run, or simply take a stroll to get moving, regardless of the weather. Find an option that fits nearly any space, including connected options.*

Exercise bikes.

Whether you want to ride solo, connect to trainers or even join other riders*, there’s an exercise bike for you and your home gym. Find a great selection from top brands.


Enjoy full-body workouts without the impact on your joints and spine. Find a great selection of ellipticals to enhance any exercise routine.


Experience rowing that feels like you’re on the water, in the comfort of your home gym. Row on your own or find a connected model to help you reach your limits.*

Strength training.

Add muscle, stay conditioned or increase flexibility with a full array of weight training equipment, resistance systems and accessories.


Complete your home gym with the perfect post-workout routine. Recover faster, reduce muscle soreness or just relax with a soothing massage.

Hands-on help for any home.

Get tips on how to measure your space to make sure your new workout equipment will fit.

Our experts can deliver, install, protect and repair your fitness equipment, plus haul away old equipment.

Have a smaller home or apartment? No problem. Find a great selection of equipment designed for smaller spaces.

Learn about home gym equipment (7 items)

Work out in the convenience of your home with studio-quality fitness equipment.

Get the most out of your workouts with accessories that track your progress, enhance recovery or monitor your sleep.




*Connected services such as personal trainers, group classes, live streaming and on-demand services may require a subscription. Subscription sold separately.

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