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Downloading Digital Content

How It Works
Digital Downloads

Find downloadable software, games and DLC for your computer or console gaming system.

Video games

Why Buy Digital?

  • Choose from hundreds of downloadable software and video game titles that can be downloaded at any time
  • Computer game and software downloads are safely stored in the Digital Library* on your Account Home page
  • All download purchases get My Best Buy® program points
  • Preinstall games and play at midnight on release date, once game servers go live
  • Don't leave the comfort of your home to buy a game — start playing whenever you want
  • Your downloads are always available through your gaming system dashboard or your Digital Library
  • Log in on a friend's console to access your game download and play
  • Many games offer bonuses or extra missions that are available only through digital download

More Time to Play on Release Day

Some pre-ordered games become available for download prior to their release date. While not playable until release day, downloading the game beforehand can save you time, leaving you more time to play. If a game you pre-order becomes eligible for early download, you will receive instructions via email.

Buying Software, Games and DLC

Search or Browse

Search by title or browse for software, games and DLC (downloadable content) to download.

Browse software

Browse games

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What's Next?

After you buy a digital game or software download, you will receive an email with instructions for downloading your purchase.

Different types of downloads will have different download methods:

  • Digital computer software can usually be downloaded directly from
  • After purchasing a digital computer game, you will receive a code and a link to a PDF or website where you can enter your code to download the game
  • When you buy a digital console game, you will receive an email with a code that can be used to download your purchase in your gaming system dashboard
  • Certain software titles, such as Office 365, will be downloadable from the manufacturer’s website. Instructions will arrive separately via email.

Downloading Computer Software,
Games and DLC

How to Download Your Purchase from the Digital Library


Follow the link in your "Ready to Download" email to access your Digital Library.*


If you're not already signed in to your account, you'll be asked to sign in.


Download your purchase. The first time you download something, you may need to install a third-party download manager that helps improve the speed and quality of the download.

*Some titles will not flow into your Digital Library. In these situations, please follow the instructions in the manufacturer’s email to download the software.

If you need to redownload a title, digital computer software downloads that are stored in your Digital Library will be remain secure and available in your account.

Console Game or DLC Download Instructions


You will receive an email with a code to redeem your game or DLC.


On your gaming system, sign in or create your gaming network account.


Go to the network store and enter your code. Downloading begins automatically when your gaming system is turned on.


A digital download is any software, game or add-on that you can purchase and download without a physical copy. Computer game and software downloads are stored in your Digital Library on You can access your Digital Library though your account.

Downloadable content — sometimes referred to as an add-on — is extra content you can add to a full physical or digital game you already own. DLC customizes and enhances your game experience.

Console games are played on gaming systems such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you don't already have an account on your system, you may need to create one and sign in to the system's network to access the download. A broadband Internet connection is recommended.

It depends on the download. When looking at a product page, note the platform. Platform will indicate whether the software is Windows or Mac compatible. We do not currently have downloads available for tablets.

Many software and game titles will require you to enter a code to unlock your digital download. If your download requires a code, you will see it in the Digital Library and in the instructions emailed to you.

To play games on your computer, choose games and add-ons that match your platform (Windows or Mac). Check the product page to make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements to play. When you download your game, follow the on-screen installation instructions.

This varies by title. Check the product page to see if there are any restrictions.

Typically, you'll need to contact the title's vendor for support. You can find online support for immediate troubleshooting in our digital vendor support directory below.

Yes, My Best Buy members may use certificates to purchase game downloads. Members can access their My Best Buy account at and get the certificates before submitting an order for any digital download.

Digital Vendor Support Directory

If you have any questions about downloading your digital product, contact the digital vendor for online support.

Digital Library support for downloading digital software and video games for Windows or Mac.

Phone: 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) | Please reference Digital Library when you call.

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