Best Buy Tax-Exempt Quick Card

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Best Buy Tax-Exempt Quick Card?

The Tax-Exempt Quick Card is designed to allow those with a tax exempt status to quickly and easily purchase eligible products or services at Best Buy stores and on

How do I apply for a Tax-Exempt Quick Card?

  • Print and mail in this Registration Form, along with a copy of your tax exemption certificate. Allow 10 to 15 business days to receive your card.
  • Or apply in a Best Buy store, and receive your card instantly.

How do I renew my Tax-Exempt Quick Card?

To renew, follow the instructions on the Renewal Form. Or, feel free to renew your card at any Best Buy store.

How do I use my card on

  • During checkout, click on the Use a Best Buy Tax Exempt Quick Card link that's located within your Order Summary below the Estimated Sales Tax.
  • Enter the Customer ID number located on the front of your card, and click Apply.

I'm waiting for my Best Buy Tax-Exempt Quick Card to arrive in the mail; how do I make a purchase now?

To make a purchase, you have several options:

  • You can make the purchase now on, and you will be charged tax. Then call Customer Service at 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) with your tax exemption info and we will refund the tax on your order.
  • Or you can make your purchase in any Best Buy store, and show your tax exemption certificate to the sales associate.

Does my Best Buy Tax-Exempt Quick Card expire?

Yes. Your Tax-Exempt Quick Card expires the same date that your tax exemption certificate expires. If there's no expiration date on your tax exemption certificate, your Tax-Exempt Quick Card will be valid for three years. We'll let you know by mail when your card is nearing its expiration date.

I have a government-issued purchase card. Do I still need to apply for a Best Buy Tax-Exempt Quick Card?

As long as your government-issued purchase card is centrally billed, meaning that the card is paid for directly by the federal government, then you do not need a Best Buy Tax-Exempt Quick Card. Not sure if your card is centrally billed? Call the number on your card.

Is the Best Buy Tax-Exempt Quick Card valid on all Best Buy and Geek Squad services?

Yes! You can use your card for any Best Buy or Geek Squad product or service, in store or online, as long as you've provided a tax exemption certificate for the state where you're making the purchase. For online purchases, your tax exemption certificate must be valid in the state of your shipping or delivery address.

I'm a business owner with multiple employees making tax exempt purchases. Will all my employees have the same card number?

Each person must sign up for an individual Best Buy Tax-Exempt Quick Card. They will all have their own card numbers.

One of my employees has left the company/organization. How do I cancel their Best Buy Tax-Exempt Quick Card?

Send a letter using company/organization letterhead to:

Best Buy Attn: Tax Exempt 7601 Penn Ave Richfield, MN 55423

Include the following:

  • Name of customer or customer ID number of person whose Tax-Exempt Quick Card is being canceled.
  • Indicate that you would like the card to be canceled.
  • Sign and date the letter.

What are the Terms of Service for using a Best Buy Tax-Exempt Quick Card?

Find out more information about the Best Buy Tax-Exempt Quick Card in the terms of service.


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