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Student Deals Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive discounts as a student or parent of a student at Best Buy?

Receive discounts by signing up for Student Deals. To sign up, go to our Student Hub and sign in or create a new My Best Buy® account and register to receive the deals by providing your student information. Our offers are exclusively for eligible students or parents of students. All information we collect is subject to our Privacy Policy, and your participation in the Program is subject to the Student Deals Terms and Conditions.

Do I need to be a member of My Best Buy to sign up for Student Deals?

Yes, you need to be a member of My Best Buy when you sign up for Student Deals. You will be asked to sign in or create a new account when signing up for Student Deals.

What should I expect after registering my e-mail address?

After you sign up, we'll send you coupons for Student Deals to your e-mail as they become available.

How soon after registering my e-mail, should I receive the coupons?

Once you sign up, you’ll begin receiving coupons immediately, if there are any available. We'll also send you new coupons periodically.

Why haven't I received my coupon e-mails?

Some possible reasons for not receiving e-mails are:

  • You didn't enter a valid e-mail address
  • Your e-mail may block marketing e-mails from Best Buy (and other places)
  • You didn't properly complete the Student Deals sign-up form
To resolve these issues, you can:
  • Enter a valid e-mail address
  • Check your spam/junk mail folders
  • Try signing up again

Where can I redeem the coupons?

You can print or show the coupons and redeem them in any USA or Puerto Rico Best Buy store. You can also enter the online promotional code under the Payment Method area at checkout to redeem them on

Can I use the coupon more than once or share it with my family or friends?

No, the Student Deals coupons have a unique code that cannot be redeemed multiple times. If your relative or friend is an enrolled student or parent of an enrolled student, they can sign up to receive their own coupons.

Can I apply the coupon to an item for which I am requesting a price match?

No, we are unable to apply coupons to price-matched items. For more information, please see our Low Price Guarantee.

Does signing up for the Student Deals also sign me up for other Best Buy e-mails?

Yes, providing your e-mail address in the Student Deals will also sign you up to receive other Best Buy marketing e-mails.


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