Hoagland's Mars [Special Edition] [4 Discs] [DVD]

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Hoagland's Mars, Vol. 2: The U.N. Briefing/The Terrestrial Connection
This documentary records Richard C. Hoagland's talk before U.N. delegates on February 27, 1992. Speaking before an audience comprised of staff, delegates, press, and guests, Hoagland expounded on his theory that intelligent life existed on Mars millennia ago. With amazing slides and film clips, as well as computer graphics, Hoagland presents his evidence of the Martian Sphinx, or face, plus pyramids, ancient cities, and crop rings. In addition, the film contains an extraordinary video from September 15, 1991, when the U.S. space shuttle Discovery broadcast live over NASA's own broadcast channel footage of aircraft flying over the Indian Ocean at several hundred thousand miles an hour. The video was suppressed by the U.S. government. This film provides a thought-provoking inquiry into a possible reality that the establishment would like to remain a secret. ~ Rose of Sharon Winter, Rovi

Hoagland's Mars, Vol. 1: The NASA-Cydonia Briefings
This documentary presents Richard C. Hoagland, who spent fifteen years researching the so called face on Mars. In this talk before the NASA Lewis Research Center in Cleveland, OH, on March 20, 1990, he details his controversial theory that the formations in the Cydonia region of Mars are set out in extraordinarily mathematical designs that suggest they are encoded messages placed there by intelligent beings. The viewer has an opportunity to see the fascinating photos sent back by NASA's Viking mission that show a Martian "Sphinx" and a pyramid complex. Hoagland believes these structures are evidence of an advanced civilization that existed on Mars many millennia ago. ~ Rose of Sharon Winter, Rovi

Hoagland's Mars, Vol. 3 (Part 2): Alien Ruins on the Moon?
Hoagland's Mars, Vol. 3 (Part 1): The Moon/Mars Connection
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