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3 Smarter Approaches to Holiday Cooking

Date Published: 11/05/2017 I Author: Anthony Bessler

The holidays mean family, friends and lots of great food. Preparing all your seasonal favorites just got easier, thanks to the latest kitchen tech. So, tie up your apron and let's head into the kitchen to create some delicious holiday memories.

Simplify Your Grocery Shopping

This time of year can be busy. Let the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator help. This smart fridge has a beautiful 21.5" touchscreen display that makes creating and sharing the family grocery list super simple. As you add food to the list, the info automatically updates to the Family Hub app on your Samsung Galaxy Note8 (or any other compatible phone). Not only that, the three built-in cameras inside the refrigerator can send a real-time view of what's inside, directly to your phone, no matter where you are. Curious about your eggnog inventory while you wander the dairy aisle? Just check in with the Family Hub. Now that your phone and your fridge are working together, keeping the holidays on track and well stocked will be easy.

The Right Tool Makes Cooking Great Food Easy

Adding a few new items to your kitchen toolkit can take your holiday meals up a notch. For instance, to serve up a great steak, jump into the sous vide craze with the Anova precision cooker. Just attach the device to the inside of a pot, set the temp and bag the steak (or fish, or veggies, you name it). Then put it in the water and voila — it's perfectly prepared every time. Or, save time (and counter space) with the versatile Instant Pot 6-Quart Programmable Multicooker. It makes soup, rice, slow-cooked meals, even yogurt, all with ease. Finally, if wine is on your holiday to-do list, check out the Modal Rechargeable Wine Opener for effortless bottle opening, or the Ullo Wine Purifier to aerate and remove excess sulfites. With the right kitchen tech in place, you'll impress your holiday guests with amazing, home-cooked meals.

Control Your Kitchen with Your Voice

During the holidays, every second counts. So, here's a simple way to save time in the kitchen: just use your voice. With Google Home — the voice-activated speaker powered by Google Assistant — you can use commands to find this year's most popular cookie recipe and fill the house with holiday tunes. Or, to literally get things cooking, combine the power of Google Home with the innovative GE Profile convection range. The GE Wi-Fi Connect makes it easy to preheat the oven, set the timer and more, totally hands-free. Once you put your voice to work in the kitchen, you'll wonder why you ever had to touch the controls in the first place.

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