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Connected Appliances

Connected appliance features.

Get more done with app- and voice-controlled technology.

Change the way you live and make life easier by being able to start and stop laundry, ask your smart speaker for updates on dinner, create lists and play music from the fridge, see who’s at the front door from your touch screen, ventilation system and so much more.

Range and voice assistant devices

Voice-controlled appliances.

Control appliances with the sound of your voice.

Muddy floors, dirty dishes and late with dinner?

Relax and rely on voice-controlled appliances to divide the household chores. Through your smart speaker, ask the robot vacuum to clean the floors for you and then ask the dishwasher to start its cycle. Without lifting a finger, both chores are complete, so you enjoy making a family favorite meal.

Washer, dryer, smartphone

App-controlled appliances.

Do more with remote control of your home.

Forgot your list and to start laundry, but can’t turn around?

Don't worry, dinner will start on time and everything will get done. Thanks to your smart fridge, you can pull up the list your phone and start the washer from a separate app. Tackle one more task remotely by turning the oven on and once home, relax by streaming music from the fridge.

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