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Answer Your Door from Your Kitchen

Date Published: 05/20/2018 | Author: Best Buy

Your refrigerator can be your window to your front door, as long as you have the Samsung Family Hub and Ring Video Doorbell Pro. When someone presses the doorbell outside your home, a live video feed from the Ring automatically pops up on the Family Hub's 21.5" touchscreen. You can even talk with the person who's there. Check it out.

The Samsung Family Hub's customizable touchscreen can also help keep your family organized. Create calendars for everyone in your family, make shopping lists, find recipes, order groceries and lots more. You can even play music through the built-in AKG speaker. And, the Family Hub has voice control, so it's perfect for when your hands are busy cooking or doing dishes.

Back outside your house, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro lets you see who's at your home, even when you're not. It can send an alert to your phone when it senses motion. Then, use the Ring app to watch live, 1080p HD video from anywhere and talk with visitors. The camera captures a wide angle, so visitors don't have to be right in front of the camera for it to see them. And, you can even set your Ring to record footage for later.

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