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Capture and Share Your Memories in 4K

Date Published: 06/03/2018 I Author: Best Buy
When it comes to capturing, sharing and viewing the realism of 4K video and high-resolution photos, the right tech working together, seamlessly, is key. Whether you're recording everyday moments or big family vacations (or both), these Sony products are a great way to preserve your memories and bring the 4K experience to life anytime, anywhere.
Smartphone cameras are super convenient. They're also with us almost all the time, so they're a great way to take pictures and shoot video while on the go. Why not up your game with the feature-packed Sony XPERIA XZ2? It's the first smartphone in the world that can record video in 4K HDR. From sharing video of last night's concert to making your own travel documentaries, the vibrant color and extended dynamic range this phone captures will blow you (and your audience) away.
For even more versatility, add the Sony a6500 mirrorless camera to your collection. Not only does it have the power of Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity (to do things like send photos to your Sony cell phone), it also accepts a variety of interchangeable lenses to bring far-away objects closer or capture new perspectives. Plus, it has fast autofocus for perfect shots on the fly, 4K video recording and tons more features. Because it's mirrorless (translation: lacking the mirrors that bulkier DSLRs have), you get compact size and light weight without sacrificing image quality. The a6500 is a camera that's easy to keep with you all day.
But the real fun with all the stellar video and photos you'll capture comes when you bring them together on the bright, crisp and colorful Sony X900F 4K HDR TV. Its large, incredibly detailed picture makes viewing your adventures in 4K HDR seriously impressive. The TV has a built-in Chromecast, so you can cast your photos and videos straight to it from the Sony XPERIA XZ2, making it easy to share with friends and family.