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How to Watch Sports Without Cable

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You're sick of paying your cable bill and you barely watch any of the channels anyway — but you're a diehard sports fan and that alone is keeping you from cancelling cable. Does this sound familiar? We have good news. You can still ditch cable without sacrificing your teams. Check out a few different ways you can say goodbye to cable without losing sports.

HDTV antenna.

HDTV antennas are a simple way to access local channels in HD. Your local channels should cover any of your hometown NFL games, and the occasional NBA, MLB or NHL game. Antennas can be quite inexpensive and have no monthly cost. If you live in the city or near a broadcasting tower, you can access high quality content with a very cheap antenna. If you're in a more suburban or rural area, it might be worth it to spend a bit more for farther coverage. Simply adjust the antennas until the coverage comes in clear.

Sport specific networks.

Depending on what sport you watch, there may be a streaming service for you. For example, for a small monthly fee you can access baseball with MLB.TV. The upside to these services is unlimited viewing on your TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Basic bundles.

If you want sports plus a little bit more, check out Sling TV. Sling TV is a service that streams live content to your TV, computer, tablet or phone. This service offers different bundles containing ESPN1/2 and other major sports channels.
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