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Choose this Insignia HD tabletop radio to access a variety of HD programming. This compact digital radio fits well on a slim shelf or tabletop, and its 3.5mm jacks let you connect headphones or other audio devices. This Insignia HD tabletop radio has a large display screen that shows you song, artist and station information as you listen. 

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  • Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars

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  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Excellent HD radio, with external antenna connect!

    Owned for less than 1 week by when reviewed.

    I own a Sangean HRD-14 pocket radio shared between my office and bedroom so wanted another to prevent from having to move it from room to room. The Sangean price seems to fluctuate wildly lately, so when I saw this Insignia FM HD radio was on sale it seemed perfect for my bedroom setup. Sensitivity is about the same as the Sangean using the telescoping antenna at full extension, with both radios needing to be on the window sill for solid reception in the bedroom. I prefer the radio to be on my nightstand, and the external pigtail allowed me to do so. Since the telescoping antenna is disabled when the pigtail is inserted the telescoping is able to he collapsed and stored neatly in the tabs behind the top of the radio. The external antenna connection is IMHO the best reason to purchase this radio, especially for those living in fringe reception areas where it could even be connected to a good outdoor antenna. I plan to do some experimenting myself with an antenna in the attic. This is not an option for any other HD radio even close to the Insignia's current sale price, or even at the original MSRP. The Sangean portable regretfully does not have an external antenna connection, and for solid reception must have the radio placed on the window sill for stable reception. The Insigia, by using the supplied pigtail antenna plugged into the back and dropped behind my night stand allowed solid reception of WFAE HD2 Charlotte Jazz channel with the radio placed exactly where I wanted it on the night stand. WFAE HD1, 2 are equally good reception, as well as many other FM HD channels in and around Charlotte. The radio is simple to operate and program the presets, and sounds very good even through the built in speakers (yes, it is stereo too), I will use mainly with an external headphone amp and "cans", but didn't expect it to sound as respectable as it does through its internal speakers, so will use it just on its own as well as with headphones. I find the styling is unique, looks cool, and of good design that has a wider base than i expected to keep the radio very stable. The Insignia HD radio is much better than I expected from a $60 HD radio, and at close to half that on the current sale! Very good build quality, although I would have liked to see the battery compartment in a 2x2 side by side configuration, but now im just nit-picking : p This is an excellent tabletop FM and FM HD radio (no AM, not an issue for me) that has so far exceeded my expectations in every way. Get one on sale now while you can...not many choices out there for portable or tabletop HD radios being manufactured with many modela apparently becoming discontinued. I hope this one isn't destined for that fate as well. Great job Insignia, thank you for a product that has exceeded my expectations in nust about every way I can think of!

  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    Good radio but drains batteries quickly.

    Owned for more than 2 years by when reviewed.

    It has a good tone. Tuning is easy enough. It might have been better for some of the buttons to be slightly different to be able to differentiate between the different functions (tuning, preset, volume, etc.), all of which are on top of the radio. My only real complaint is that when I use it with rechargeable batteries, they only last for maybe 10 hours before needing to be recharged, so I have to change batteries at least once a week. That contrasts with other smaller, cheaper handheld radios that would last for weeks or months between battery changes. The display has a flashing battery icon to let you know the battery is low, and that icon flashes soon after I put new ones in. it works great with the AC adapter. I bought it to be able to carry around the house especially to listen to one of the HD stations in our area. Note that this radio only receives FM and FM-HD stations and not AM. I haven't listened to any AM stations in our area recently anyway, but that might be important for some people to know.

  • Rated 1 out of 5 stars

    Radio - Regret Purchase


    This radio is not an easy one to use. Complicated.

Insignia™ - Tabletop FM/HD Radio - Black

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