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Back To The Future Part II
Tech Rundown

The movie Back to the Future Part II sent Marty McFly, his girlfriend Jennifer and Doc Brown from 1985 to October 21, 2015. Now that their fictional future has arrived, let's see which promised technology predictions came true. And a few that didn't. Zip up your auto-fit, self-drying jacket… The future is here.
Hoverboard Hoverboard

Unfortunately, hoverboards don't actually exist… yet. But for tech that's cool and floats like Marty's levitating skateboard deck, check out drones. From small toys that roll across the floor, to quadcopters complete with gimbal-mounted 4K cameras and GPS, drones are here and getting better all the time.

Bionic Implants Bionic Implants

Future bully, Griff Tannen's, muscle-enhancing bionic implants are a pretty close match to today's wearable technology. And while Griff only wanted to swing his Kirk Gibson, Jr. 2000 bat harder, tech like the Samsung Gear, Fitbit Flex and the Apple Watch are wearables that exist today to make our lives better and more connected. Luckily, Griff's hat style currently doesn't exist.

Smart Door Locks Smart Door Locks

On this one, Back to the Future Part II nails it. Similar to the McFly family's thumbprint recognition lock on their fictional 2015 house, smart door locks allow access without a key. From Bluetooth to touchpad control, the variety of ways to lock, unlock and even grant temporary access to guests is a great addition to your connected home.

Mr. Fusion Mr. Fusion

This home fusion reactor that turns household waste into enough energy to power Doc Brown's flux capacitor—sending his DeLorean back and forth in time—isn't quite on the market. But, small kitchen appliances that make life easier certainly are: Single-serving coffeemakers, blenders, juicers, countertop microwaves, mixers, compact refrigerators, you name it. And don't worry — all of them require far less than 1.21 gigawatts to get the job done.

VR Glasses VR Glasses

Technically, Marty's future daughter, Marlene, is taking a phone call with her video glasses, but virtual reality glasses similar to hers are available now. Samsung's Gear VR Glasses let you experience immersive games and movies in 3D with 360-degree visuals.

Food Hydrator Before Food Hydrator After Food Hydrator

Okay, so maybe we can't make full-sized pizzas from little dehydrated ones, but we can go the other way… Food dehydrators are here and help make preserving food and snacks easy. So enjoy your hydrated pizza, McFly family. All of us in the actual year 2015 are just fine with jerky, trail mix and dried fruit we make ourselves.

Mobile Payment Mobile Payment

In the fictional world of 2015, future Marty McFly gets scammed by his coworker, Needles, to make an illegal payment on his work credit card. While the deed was nefarious, the fact that Marty could make a transaction from home makes sense today. With a credit card reader from Square, making a mobile payment through an iOS or Android device is easy.

Re-live the Entire Adventure Disc Sets

Join Marty and Doc on their adventures through time in the Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Trilogy on Blu-ray and DVD featuring an all-new bonus disc. For even more fun, check out Back to the Future: The Complete Adventures featuring all three movies, the complete animated series and a 64-page book—all in a light-up flux capacitor style package.