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5 Halloween Prank How-Tos

High-tech pranks you can do for a high-scare Halloween.
Mirror Mirror How to create a haunted mirror sure to startle guests.

Good hair day or not, looking into this mirror is terrifying. Start with a mounted TV, then add a picture frame, some two-way mirror film and a little spooky acting. It's an unexpected prank that's bound to startle friends and reflect well on you.

Preserved Head How to shock friends with a cupboard full of human heads in jars.

Pickled pigs' feet in a jar is creepy enough. A cupboard full of preserved human heads is quite another thing. All it takes is a digital camera, a color printer and a little creativity. You can make shrunken heads, too. For friends with a smaller appetite for fright.

Wicked Washroom How to put on a horrifying sound and light show where it's least expected.

Scare friends where they'd never expect it: the bathroom. The brains of this prank is WeMo outlet switches and light switches you control from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet. You can make hair clippers and a hair dryer seem to turn on by themselves. Then, kill the lights and make a spooky light and music show come alive.

Skitter & Scare How to make inanimate objects come to life with a toy and an app.

This prank makes scaring your friends as easy as child's play. It uses Sphero and Ollie app-controlled robots to bring inanimate objects to life. Make a bowl of popcorn move across the table. Or make a mannequin's creepy head spin and cackle (thanks to a hidden wireless speaker). Who says poltergeists aren't fun?

Snap-a-Fright How to capture pictures of friends at their height of fright.

Scaring friends is good fun. Showing them how ridiculous they look the moment you terrify them is even better. All it takes is a wireless home security camera, a printer and a good fright. The photos make nice gifts for friends. And perfectly embarrassing ones for foes.