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Esports Hardware Powered by Intel

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Legends are forged.

Power up and play like a pro with the same Intel-powered performance that fuels champions in esports.

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The power and the glory.

From LANs to sold-out arenas, Intel has been at the beating heart of esports for 17 years, powering the PCs responsible for helping heroes rise, whether at home or competing in front of millions around the world.


2024 championships.

Intel Extreme Masters, ESL

Chengdu, China
April 2024


Birmingham, UK
April 2024

Intel Extreme Masters, ESL

Dallas, Texas, USA
May–June 2024

Certified PC, Intel Extreme Masters, ESL

Game like the pros.

IEM Certified laptops and desktops are built with the same high-level Intel technology used by the pros.

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Intel’s MVP.

Intel’s CPUs split the workload of your build with two types of core.

Intel’s latest generation of Core processors with performance hybrid architecture stop background tasks from getting in the way so you can stay laser-focused on your game.

It’s why they power the Intel Extreme Masters tour, and why Intel has been at the forefront of some of the most monumental moments in gaming history.


You got game-ing.

Don’t just join them. Beat them.

From the Intel Extreme Masters to the Champions of ESL, Intel’s CPUs power the winners of the esports elite. Whether you’re building eco or ready for a full build, make sure you’ve got Intel-equipped in your kit.

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