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  1. SaharaCase - Classic Case with Glass Screen Protector for Apple® iPhone® 5/5s and SE (1st generation) - Black - Front_Zoom
    Your price for this item is $17.99
  2. Mogul's Mobile - Magneti Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Apple® iPhone® 5 and 5s - Black - Front_Standard
    Your price for this item is $74.99

Buying an iPhone 5s Case

Choosing the Best iPhone 5s Case

Even when you’re being extremely careful with your iPhone 5s, you know it only takes one mishap to leave your phone scuffed, scratched, or worse, with a cracked or shattered screen. That’s why it’s a good idea to let an iPhone 5s case help you keep your phone looking new. There’s a good selection of styles available here at Best Buy, making it relatively easy for you to select an iPhone 5s case that not only protects your phone, but makes a personal statement. If you’re looking for a convenient case that will also hold credit cards and a driver’s license, you may want to choose an iPhone 5s wallet case. Play-through iPhone 5s phone cases maintain the functionality of your device’s buttons, speakers, camera and other features, plus can accommodate an iPhone 5s charger. iPhone 5s waterproof cases can provide peace of mind during outdoor adventures, while helping protect your phone from weather, snow, ice and limited submersion, along with everyday accidents.

The best iPhone 5s cases shield all or most of your phone, without restricting usability, including allowing wireless use of headphones with the phone’s Lightning connector or a Bluetooth phone headset. For an additional measure of coverage, you may want to consider getting a screen protector to not only fend off a scratched or broken screen, but to help fight glare and fingerprints. iPhone 5s cases come in many colors and clear to let the elegance of your phone shine through, along with several materials like silicone, polycarbonate, leather and more, to suit your sense of style.

iPhone 5s Phone Cases for Busy Lifestyles

Nearly all iPhone 5s cases can be used in conjunction with an iPhone car mount for reduced-distraction safety and convenience. Most will also accommodate a USB-to-Lightning connector cable you can plug into your Apple CarPlay receiver to get quick and convenient access to everything on your phone, including GPS location features, your music collection or favorite podcasts, or to make phone calls and send text messages. Either or both is probably a good idea if you want to access content on your phone while in the car since many states have banned handheld cell phone use while driving.

If you’re a fitness buff, you may want to get an iPhone armband to keep your phone secure during workouts, power-walking or running, especially if you count on your phone for tracking steps, calculating mileage, or just playing tunes to keep you motivated.

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