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Jeff Buckley: Live in Chicago [DVD] [1995]

Release Date:05/09/2000
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Jeff Buckley was known for his soaring vocal range and his searing, emotional songs and performances. This DVD serves as impressive documentation of a Buckley concert from 1995. The digital transfer is flawless. The videotaped performances never seem less than immediate. Indeed, the bright spotlights translate perfectly to DVD, making the viewer feel right there. The clean, colorful visuals create a mood of intimate tangibility, the audio gives a most deserving representation of the entire concert, and Buckley's vocals slam into an unsuspecting listener/viewer with flaring passion. All 13 performances can be selected from the "Set List" menu. The "Discography" feature is a stills gallery of four album covers, with song titles listed to the side. The bonus acoustic songs, from a videotaped sit-down affair, are a slightly awkward attempt at an Unplugged atmosphere, but even when Buckley isn't in top form, his voice remains powerfully stunning. "The Electronic Press," a glossily produced, 17-minute mini-documentary, from the Grace period is the best special feature here. It is a genuinely enlightening and remarkably moving glimpse into Buckley's inspiration and art. Like his father before him, Jeff Buckley was a true talent who died with much music left to bestow. This live performance DVD is a most welcome, respectful ode to a gifted artist.


Digitally mastered


Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound

Instant chapter access to songs

Interactive menus

PCM stereo

Previously unreleased electronic press kit [EPK]

Two bonus acoustic songs