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Buying a Kegerator

What Exactly Is a Kegerator?

The word kegerator comes from a blend of the words keg and refrigerator and essentially a keg fridge. It's an at-home beer dispenser that keeps your beverage of choice chilled by using pressurized carbon monoxide (CO2) to transfer the cold, fresh brew to your glass. It makes for the perfect party complement to a pizza oven because when you have both, you’ll always be ready for impromptu get-togethers. Kegerators typically come with everything you need to get started except the C02 cartridge, and the keg of beer. Available in different sizes, a 5.6 cubic foot model and a 6.1 cubic foot model can hold a variety of keg sizes from 1/8-barrel (4 gallons) to 1/2-barrel (15.5 gallons). You can also choose a mini kegerator, which holds a 1.32-gallon mini keg.

What Should I Know About Kegerators?

Kegerators have the reputation of attracting positive attention, being a good conversation starter and potentially a spot to gather around. They can also be a valuable addition to a comprehensive collection of game room or man cave appliances, such as a soda maker, which is used to concoct homemade carbonated beverages, and a wine cooler. You can choose either a standalone or built-in model to keep your favorite wines at the optimal temperature for drinking and enjoying. If you've always wanted to have plenty of cold beer flowing in your own home, a kegerator could a great solution.

Why Do I Want a Keg Fridge?

Beer enthusiasts point to several reasons for getting a kegerator and each focus on saving. Beer in a kegerator generally stays fresh for two months so owning one can save you money. It can save time that might otherwise be spent making trips to the liquor store each time friends pop over or the game is on. They can also save you from having to stress about figuring out how to pack enough six-packs into your refrigerator for gatherings, and kegerators save on clean-up efforts. Instead of cans and bottles to pick up and throw away, you just have empty glasses and maybe a pitcher to stick in the dishwasher when your visitors leave.

As for where to put it, your keg cooler can be a good fit for the basement, garage or laundry room. You can also keep it on the deck or patio. Though, unless you get a model that’s rated as an outdoor kegerator, it will require protection from the elements. If you decide to keep it inside the house, a kegerator can easily fit behind your bar or, depending on the bar's design, it work beneath the counter top. By putting it in either of these two locations, the kegerator won't encroach on the area where your friends are sitting on bar stools or congregating to rehash the game.