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Learn About LG OLED TVs


Experience perfect black, intense color and stunning picture.

Light up your world
with self-lit pixels.

LG OLED TV is a joy to behold. Self-lit pixels allow truly spectacular picture quality and a whole host of design possibilities, while the latest cutting-edge technologies help deliver unprecedented levels of wonder. This is everything you love about TV — elevated in every way.

What makes OLED
unlike anything else?

The answer is self-lit pixels. A self-luminous display technology that makes all the difference to your viewing experience. LG OLED TVs are capable of extreme realism and thin designs.

More distinct detail, no matter the light.

You’ve never seen infinite contrast like this. Perfect black makes it possible. Scenes are more natural. Clarity is revealed in everything you watch. It’s a small detail that makes a big difference to movies, shows, sports and games.

A view found nowhere else.

If you’re looking for a TV like no other, look no further. LG OLED TV is a work of art, a big-screen cinema, a portal to gaming worlds, and a front row seat to the biggest sporting events. It’s everything you want TV to be.

The TV that Hollywood artists love.

"The infinite contrast, it just pops off the frame. It’s perfect." — Tim Miller

"It’s exactly as the filmmaker intended you to see it in your home." — Rob Legato

Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos.

Dolby Vision IQ intelligently adjusts picture settings based on content genre and ambient surroundings, while Dolby Atmos delivers multidimensional surround sound — a powerful combination that produces breathtakingly cinematic results.1,2

Filmmaker Mode.

Filmmaker Mode turns off motion smoothing while preserving the original aspect ratios, colors and frame rates. This accurately delivers the director’s original vision, so you experience the film the way they intended.3

OLED gaming.
It’s game over for the competition.

LG OLED TV puts you ahead of the game with swift response, the latest gaming features, and a 120Hz display for a smoother playing experience. This is the ultimate TV for your gaming setup.

Game Optimizer.

Game Optimizer puts all your game settings in one place. You can also toggle between G-Sync and FreeSync technologies for a smooth gaming experience.

The latest gaming specs.

LG OLED TVs are capable of a 1 ms response time, while support for VRR, ALLM and eARC meets the latest HDMI 2.1 specifications. These features allow fast-moving content in higher resolution and smooth, synchronized graphics, giving you a more lifelike experience and a better chance of winning.

Partnerships with game industry leaders.

LG partnered with NVIDIA to make LG OLED TV G-SYNC certified. Combine this with the stunning picture quality and ultrafast response times of OLED, and you’re guaranteed to get the most out of your games every time you play.1

OLED sport.
TV in a league of its own.

LG OLED TV shows every play in all its realistic glory. The smooth motion of fast action means being a spectator has never been so spectacular — now you’ve got a front row seat to all the best sporting events.

OLED Motion Pro.

Advanced motion handling technology4 reduces motion blur to deliver smoother action and a clearer viewing experience. Witness the quick and subtle detail of every play even during fast-paced sport.1

Sports Alert.

Sports fans have a new way to stay informed. Sports Alert5 gives updates on your favorite teams, start times, scores — even while you’re watching other content. Easily switch to games without searching for the channel. NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Premier League and more — it’s all here.

Bluetooth surround ready.

Connecting LG Bluetooth speakers for wireless surround sound has never been easier. Connect up to two speakers, including LG XBOOM speakers, for a true surround sound experience — not a wire in sight.6

OLED design.
A gallery worth repeat visits.

LG OLED TVs redefine what TVs should look like. Their unbelievably slim designs are so beautiful that they make your living room more like a museum of modern art.

More sizes, more wow.

The artistry of LG OLED TV C1 is available in five sizes ranging from 48" class to a massive 83" class.

Brains that will blow your mind.

At the core of every LG 4K C1 OLED TV is the a9 Gen4 AI Processor 4K, a groundbreaking chip that uses deep-learning algorithms to analyze and optimize content. Every adjustment to picture and sound is automatic, so everything you watch is spectacular.

AI Picture Pro.

Using a vast database of visual data points, the deep-learning algorithm recognizes content, removes noise, and optimizes picture quality. And LG’s Scene Detection feature can analyze the type of scene being shown and improve the picture accordingly.

AI Sound Pro.

By learning from audio data points, the processor identifies voices, effects, and frequencies so it can then optimize the sound by genre for a more immersive experience. And the Auto Volume Leveling feature maintains consistent voice levels across different types of content.

ThinQ AI:
Think you know smart? Think again.

LG ThinQ is here to maximize your TV experience. Choose your favorite voice assistant and control your TV with your voice with a home screen that provides more convenience and control.

Entertainment access, now even easier.

The newly designed home screen shows personalized content suggestions, gives you easier access to favorites, and lets you control connected devices all in one place.

Find your favorites fast.

Spend more time watching with the Magic Remote. With point, click and scroll, voice control and button shortcuts for content providers, you’ll find your favorite content faster than ever before.

Enhanced by LG Audio.

LG OLED TVs work in perfect harmony with LG audio products. Once you pair an LG sound bar with your TV, you can use your Magic Remote to control the sound bar’s volume and sound modes.7 You also get to enjoy the full potential of your TV’s sound engine through the sound bar. If you have LG TONE Free earbuds, pair them with your TV to search with your voice, control the volume, and even change the channel.8


  1. Screen images simulated. For illustrative purposes only.
  2. Dolby Vision is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories. Dolby, Dolby Atmos and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
  3. FILMMAKER MODE™ logo is a trademark of UHD Alliance, Inc.
  4. Not supported on streaming content.
  5. Usage may vary by country.
  6. Speakers sold separately.
  7. Sound Bar Mode Control is only available with SP11, SP9, SP8, and SP7.
  8. TV voice control is only available with LG TONE Free earbuds. Models FP8, FN7, FN6, FN5W and FN4.