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    Release Date:10/02/2018

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    Release Date:10/02/2018

    Rating: 4.6 out of 5 Stars with 86 reviews

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Buying Microsoft Office for Mac

Office for Mac: Choosing Your Mac Office Version

You have choices when it comes to choosing Microsoft Office for Mac. You can either select Office 365 Mac, which is a cloud-based subscription service with many collaborative features, or Mac Office 2019, which is a one-time purchase geared more towards personal and small businesses use.

MS Office for Mac 2019 can be used on a single Mac, with no ongoing annual fee. Office for Mac 365 is different; while you can use the product on up to 10 devices (including your computer, iPad Pro, and smartphone), it is a subscription-service and not a one-time purchase. Office 365 subscribers are able to utilize cloud features and also get automatic upgrades. Alternately, with Office for Mac 2019, there aren't options for future feature upgrades or access to cloud-connected features. Once you choose between the 365 and 2019 versions, your next decision will involve choosing the 365 Personal, Home or Business edition, or the 2019 Home & Student, Home & Business, or Business Premium edition with the programs that best suit you.

Sharing Your Microsoft Office for Mac Documents

Whichever version of Mac Office you purchase, you will have access to your essential office programs — such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or Outlook for Mac — and be able to communicate with other Office Suite users, no matter what computer operating system they use.

As a Mac Office user, there are multiple options to share files from MS Office for Mac with teachers, colleagues and coworkers. You can not only create your own documents with Office's Word for Mac, but you can also edit, review, and email those created by others. You can give noteworthy boardroom presentations with PowerPoint for Mac by hooking up your pico projector and using your wireless remote presenter. Finally, you can use your inkjet printer to transfer spreadsheets and graphs created with Excel for Mac onto computer paper.