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Microsoft Band helps you track your heart rate, exercise, calorie burn and sleep quality, and be productive with e-mail, text and calendar alerts1. It features 11 sensors, including a GPS, UV monitor, barometer and more. Monitor your data in the Microsoft Health mobile app and Web dashboard to learn actionable insights into your health and fitness.

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Top Features
Activity tracker
Continuous Optical Heart Rate Monitor

Track your heart rate 24/7. Get a better understanding of your heart health, whether it's your maximum heart rate while working out or your resting heart rate while asleep.

Fitness Partners

Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health let you share your activity data with your favorite fitness apps. Partnerships with premier fitness, sports and lifestyle brands give you more ways to manage your health, meet your fitness goals and be productive.

Activity tracker, cell phones
Cross-Platform Compatibility

Whether it's an iPhone, Android, or Windows phone, Microsoft Band works seamlessly across platforms2.

Live Healthier

Healthier living is easier with Microsoft Band. With a continuous optical heart rate monitor, your band tracks your heart rate, steps, stairs climbed, calorie burn, exercise and sleep quality. Track your weight and compare it with your Band data over time, and get actionable insights and useful fitness information in the Microsoft Health phone app and Web dashboard.

Meet the Microsoft Band
Get Fit

Reach your fitness goals with custom tracking while running, biking, golfing or working out. Microsoft Band has you covered with GPS mapping and the data you want to track most for popular exercises. Guided Workouts designed by pros like Gold's Gym, Shape, and Men's Fitness provide more variety with exercise prompts right on your Band.

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Be More Productive

You can see e-mail previews, calendar alerts, and easily check calls, text messages and social updates. Stay organized with personal reminders you can set with your voice using Cortana3.

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Advanced Technology

Achieve your health goals with Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health. The curved screen on your Band makes it comfortable to wear while its 11 advanced sensors track your exercise, sleep and daily activity. The bright color display is easy to see in sunlight. Technology from the Microsoft Health app gives you actionable insights based on your data.

Activity tracker
Cross-Platform Compatibility

Whether it's an iPhone, Android, or Windows phone, Microsoft Band works seamlessly across platforms2.

Music Controls

Put your phone away and control your music from your band. The touch screen displays the song title and lets you adjust the volume, pause and play, and skip forward and back. Any music app you use on your phone connects to your Band through Bluetooth.


Stay productive even when your phone is put away. Reply to text messages, take notes and set reminders with your voice using Cortana personal assistant, available with Windows Phone 8.1 update or later.

E-mail Previews

Keep your phone in your pocket while you preview e-mails and get your calendar notifications on the go.

Smart Notifications

You decide your notifications. Choose from calls, texts, calendar reminders, Facebook and Twitter.

Talk bubble
Receive and Reply to Text Messages

Get text message previews right on your wrist. Reply to texts with a standard quick response like "I'll call you later," or create your own set of replies in the app4.

Actionable Insights

Set wellness goals and get actionable insights to help you live healthier with full-color, easily-understandable charts and graphs in the convenient Microsoft Health app or Web dashboard.


View your run summary, including heart rate, calorie burn, GPS coordinates, lap times and personal bests. See recorded maps of your runs and analyze your data for ways to improve.

Built-in Mapping

Put away your phone or GPS device and concentrate on your golf game or your workout. When you run, bike or hike, record your route and map it.

Microsoft Health

Analyze your Microsoft Band data with Microsoft Health. When you want a quick summary of your daily steps or sleep quality, review your latest data in the Microsoft Health app. When you want to get more from your workout data and better understand your fitness level, the Microsoft Health Web dashboard helps you go deeper.

Microsoft Band works with Window Phone, Android and iPhone2.

Activity tracker, cell phone
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Size Chart
Wrist Circumference Small Medium Large
Millimeters 143 - 168mm 162 - 188mm 180 - 206mm
Inches 5.7 to 6.5” 6.3 to 7.5” 7.3 to 8.5”

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