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Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition Platinum Hits - Xbox 360

Publisher:Rockstar Games
Release Date:09/30/2009
ESRB Rating:
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The fronds of the palm trees sway, their graceful dance deceptively peaceful here in the heart of L.A. Under your hood, your engine purrs with approval, and you rev it a few times for a taste of what's to come. The driver next to you responds, revving his own engine in turn, a threat that twists your lips in mockery. Your car's power hums all around you, making your heart pound and your skin tingle with excitement. The asphalt unfurls in front of you and you go tense as the moment approaches. In a flash your foot is on the gas, your car gunning up the street with the other vehicle hot in pursuit. Music thunders around you as trees and landmarks whip by at breakneck speed. This is street racing at its purest, and you are in the driver's seat.
Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition delivers the adrenaline-surge excitement you've come to expect from the Midnight Club franchise in an all-new setting. Get behind the wheel in a dazzling selection of licensed vehicles, including muscle cars, tuners, exotics and motorcycles for thrilling open-world street racing. Customize your ride with licensed aftermarket parts and a decal creation system that lets you put your inimitable style on display and intimidate the competition. Experience L.A. in stunning realism as you race through the streets to the tune of an all-star soundtrack featuring more than 100 pulse-pounding songs. In Midnight Club: Los Angeles, the City of Angels is your playground for truly devilish racing excitement, and this Complete Edition broadens the boundaries with the inclusion of all South Central Downloadable Content (including the South Central District that expands the original map by one-third), hundreds of new ways to race and 12 new Battle Maps for fiery online competition.


Complete Edition

includes the original Midnight Club: Los Angeles plus all South Central Downloadable Content

Race through the streets in a stunningly authentic recreation of Los Angeles, complete with the South Central District that adds off-road areas, stunt jumps and the South Central rail yards, expanding the original map by one-third

Experience continuous driving with minimal menus and load times

Select from an impressive array of licensed muscle cars, tuners, exotics and motorcycles, including South Central's classic lowriders, police cruisers and Range Rover SUVs

Create unique decals and add licensed aftermarket parts to set your vehicle apart on the road

Gun your engine to the accompaniment of more than 100 awesome songs from artists like Eagles of Death Metal, MGMT, Kid Cudi, Santigold, Busta Rhymes, The Cool Kids, Linkin Park, Snoop Dogg and Young Jeezy featuring Kanye West

Complete more than 300 races across the city, including new Career Races, Red-Light Races and Delivery Missions

Take the race online for even more varied multiplayer competition on South Central's 12 new battle maps