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Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two - PlayStation 4

Publisher:Telltale Games
Release Date:09/19/2017
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Continue the saga in Minecraft 2: Story Mode. The five-part adventure carries on where the original left off, and it explores how Jesse deals with being the world's greatest living hero. Expectations, reality and adventure all clash when a treasure hunt goes wrong, and it's up to you to create in Minecraft 2: Story Mode.


The Season Pass Disk of Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two

Includes episode one of five and grants access to download the remaining four episodes as they become available.

Now that Jesse and the gang have vanquished the Wither Storm, saved the world, and become totally super famous heroes, life has gotten a bit more... complicated

Jesse, a little more mature, is now the leader of her own town, and struggling to balance the duties of her job with the fun of adventuring with her friends

The rest of the gang has new responsibilities too: Olivia is a professor in Redstonia, Axel is the new wrangler of Boom Town, and Lukas is enjoying a quiet life working on his novel

Petra, on the other hand, is still the ever-wandering adventurer. Frustrated by her friends settling down, she thinks they're wasting their lives and should all be back on the road again

These differences in their lives and lifestyles are also reflected in the gang's new costumes - Axel, Olivia, and Lukas have traded their armor for more casual attire, while Petra's armor is starting to look a little road-worn

With more responsibilities and less time for adventure, old friendships have started to fade - at least until Jesse's hand gets stuck in a creepy gauntlet that belongs to an ancient underwater temple

And speaking of new stuff! There are some new characters. Petra's hero Jack and his best buddy Nurm, Jesse's plucky new assistant Radar, would-be rival Stella and that sassy llama of hers...

Together with old pals and new comrades alike, Jesse embarks on a brand new journey filled with tough choices, good times, and at least one temperamental llama

For a single player

What's Included

  • Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two