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Holiday Inspiration

Elevate your holiday with style and technology.

From your family room to the kitchen, we have the brands, design and know-how to make this holiday at home extra special. It’s time to get inspired.

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The family room — it’s where everyone wants to be.

That’s why it’s called the family room.

Featured products

Experience exceptional audio that looks as good as it sounds with our selection of premium speakers.
Premium TVs
Go huge! With up to 98" class TVs and resolutions up to 8K, our selection is smart, ultraclear, and stunning on or off.
Receivers and amps
Enhance the heart of your system with premium receivers and amps that deliver the latest features.
Let your gear look its best while performing just as the engineers intended with our selection of accessories.

Premium kitchen brands to discover.

Perfect for those come-together moments.

Featured products

Luxury kitchen appliances
Explore an expanded assortment of luxury kitchen appliances, fully equipped to elevate your space.
Built-in appliances
Streamline your space with built-ins and explore stylish collections, featuring the latest innovations.
Take control of your kitchen refrigeration with integrated technologies to keep you organized and informed.
Serve up countless dishes made in the comfort of your kitchen with our wide range of cooking and stovetop appliances.

The theatrics of home theater design.

Discover the finest cinematic experience at home.

Featured products

Your home theater dreams just got bigger thanks to resolutions up to 8K and viewable screen sizes up to 300".
Your projector is only as good as the screen. With fixed, retractable and short-throw options, we’ve got you covered.
Home theater audio
Get engulfed in every scene with expressive surround sound, and Dolby Atmos sound that moves all around you.
Home theater furniture
With the latest styles and finest materials, our selection of home theater furniture will recline you into extreme comfort.
Smart home video

Discover our premium smart home solutions.

Get inspired with these ideas for inside and out. Then, let us help you make your dream home a reality.