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Inclusion & Diversity

More inclusion.
More diversity.

More of this.
At Best Buy, we believe technology can help give more people a voice. That’s why we’re committed to providing more opportunities and resources for our employees, customers and communities. Because while technology can do a lot for the world, it’s the people who make all the difference.

We’re seeking out and engaging with diverse suppliers, media, and other emerging BIPOC businesses and entrepreneurs.

including 16 new scholarships for HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) students and increased scholarship funding for Teen Tech Center youth.

Recognizing communities shaping
the future of tech.

More Black history. More Black future.

We’re inspired by Black leaders and innovators who play a vital role in our communities. And we recognize that Black lives are essential to achieve the brightest future imaginable — one where all possibilities of tech are available for all.

More Latinx representation. More seats at the table.

We’re highlighting the many rich and diverse Latinx communities who for too long have not found enough seats at the table of technology.

More Asian voices. More inclusion.

We’re celebrating creators from the Asian American and Pacific Islander community who are enriching our culture.

Celebrating our identities with pride.

We’re committed to fostering an inclusive environment for people of all identities.

More pathways. More women in STEM.

We’re dedicated to contributing to a world that encourages young women to follow their dreams.

Making Best Buy more representative of all.

We’re fostering inclusion among our employee groups, with the goal of hiring and retaining more people from all walks of life.
Making careers at Best Buy accessible to all.
We strive to create work environments that help everyone, including those with disabilities, utilize their unique talents and traits.
Military veterans bring unique experiences to Best Buy.
We are committed to helping veterans continue to grow their careers.
Sharing a passion for Indigenous culture.
Read about Saraphina, who brings her heritage and culture to her career at Best Buy.
Celebrating holidays with employees.
We want our employees to feel comfortable honoring and sharing the important events in their lives and cultures.

Teen Tech Centers.

It’s our mission to improve tech equity among teens in disinvested communities. Through tech access, training and mentorship, we’re helping to empower young people.

Featured products

Black writers, directors, and actors explore stories of Black history and the Black experience.
Designs from Weslyn, DJ, Dredrick and Jalen. A portion of sales support Best Buy Teen Tech Centers.

Best Buy’s “More of this” campaign aims to drive change.

Achievements and goals.

We’re proud of the awards we’ve earned, but we’re not stopping here.

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Together, we can create a more sustainable planet.
We’re helping conserve our environment with a focus on eco-friendly products, services and programs.
Customer and employee safety is at the core of everything we do.
We’re continuing to offer you safe and convenient ways to shop.
Doing a world of good.
Read our Fiscal Year 2020 Environmental, Social and Governance Report.
Join our talent community.
By joining our talent community, you will be able to explore career opportunities and learn more about Best Buy.

Creating a diversified workplace.

Benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Our people are the key to our success. As Best Buy builds a more diverse workforce and develops more inclusive workplace practices, we’ve seen countless improvements to the way we do business, the favorability with which our employees view Best Buy, and the experiences we can offer our customers. As we continue to learn from and expand on these early successes, we aim to maintain our reputation as one of the top ethical businesses.

One crucial lesson is that the more voices we include in our conversations about who we are and where we’re going as a company, the more ideas we can generate about how to grow. Additionally, we’ve found that the more our workforce reflects the communities we’re in, the better we’re able to anticipate and serve our customers’ needs. This is why we’ve made diversity hiring a priority at every level, from our stores to our senior leadership positions, and we’ve invested in expanding our diverse recruitment pipeline throughout the country.

Supporting current and future leaders.

One thing most ethical companies have in common is making sure their employees know they can bring their whole selves to work with them every day. This is an integral part of Best Buy’s culture, and it helps us recruit and retain top talent throughout our organization. This ethos has also led us to be recognized as one of the best places to work in America by numerous sources.

There are many ways we support our employees and their career goals. On the benefits side, we’ve added paid leave, emergency daycare coverage and more to allow working caretakers to always put family first. Within our corporate family, our employee resource groups provide an important source of community and networking opportunities. And, in addition to tangible interviewing and hiring goals, our commitment to providing mentorship, ongoing skills training and other career advancement opportunities will offer every employee their chance to earn a seat at the table.

We support the development of future leaders outside of Best Buy as well, by providing access to technology experiences and educational opportunities. In underserved communities throughout the country, our Teen Tech Centers give teens a chance to discover and experiment with the latest devices, and receive mentorship in the fields and systems that are shaping the world of tomorrow. We’ve also implemented college scholarship programs in partnership with Historic Black Colleges and Universities and other institutions, with the goal of ensuring the future of tech looks more like all of us.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started finding your career at Best Buy today.