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She Shed
6 Tech Ideas
for the Ultimate
She Shed

Never heard of a She Shed? It's sort of like a Man Cave, but totally different. The idea is simple. Take an old shed and transform it into an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation—a place where women can leave stress and responsibility at the door, if only for a few hours. Read More

Man Cave 6 Tech Ideas for
the Ultimate Man Cave

Ah, the Man Cave. It's a place where a guy can escape, unwind, geek out, watch sports—a domain where he has total control. Read More

Family Travel Family Travel Ideas

Ready to hit the road? Make your next trip easier, more fun and way more unexpected. Read More

Haunted House 5 Halloween Prank How-Tos

Want to scare your friends? Really, really scare them? Here are some Halloween pranks you can pull off using everyday tech products. Read More

Back to the Future Part II Back To The Future Part II Tech Rundown

Zip up your auto-fit, self-drying jacket, the future is here. Click now to see which of Marty McFly's favorite 2015 movie gizmos are with us today. Read More