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Best Buy Teen Tech Center

Building brighter futures through technology.

Every kid deserves an opportunity to pursue their dreams. We believe that with technology, training and mentorship, anything is possible.

See the future through their eyes.

Watch inspiring videos written by amazing young people pursuing big dreams.

Naje, 15

Naje loves to learn. She is a talented photographer and aspires to be an aerospace engineer. The Best Buy Teen Tech Center has equipped her with tools to grow her passions.

Tez, 15

Tez likes to tell stories. He is a gifted filmmaker who has big dreams to turn his passion into a career. His mentors and the Best Buy Teen Tech Center have helped Tez unleash his creativity and pursue his passion for film.

Latrell, 17

Latrell is a gifted writer who aspires to be a musical artist. He is taking his talents and turning them into reality with the lyrics he writes. He uses the Best Buy Teen Tech Center recording studio to set his lyrics to music.

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Reaching one million teens annually by 2020.

Best Buy, together with our partners, is committed to preparing one million teens from underserved communities for tech-reliant jobs each year by the year 2020. Our hope is that one day, every young person will have access to the technology and training they need to succeed.

Giving youth the tools to pursue a brighter future.

Within the next decade, more than 80% of all jobs will require tech skills. Best Buy Teen Tech Centers help teens prepare for these careers through hands-on experience with tech, such as digital media, robotics, virtual reality and 3D printing. We're helping cultivate the next generation of inventors, engineers and entrepreneurs. And we're just getting started.



Best Buy Teen Tech Center locations planned for the U.S., Canada and Mexico by 2020.



of participants plan to continue their education beyond high school.

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