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What Is an Unlocked Phone?

3 Things to Know Before You Buy

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Buying an Unlocked Phone.

What is an unlocked phone?

If you’re phone shopping, you might have seen options for unlocked phones, which are simply devices that are not tied to a specific carrier or network provider. Unlike locked phones, which are typically sold through carriers and are restricted to that carrier's network, unlocked phones can be used with any compatible network or SIM card.

There are many top unlocked cell phones available, from the biggest names in the business. You may find that checking current cell phone deals is a great way to get started as you navigate the various phone styles, designs and compatibility options.

If you purchase an unlocked phone, all you need to use it in the U.S. or abroad is a SIM card from the carrier of your choice. SIM cards house carrier and user data and easily pop into your smartphone. Just be sure to check whether you have an unlocked iPhone or Android to determine compatibility.

The advantages of unlocked cell phones.

So, why buy an unlocked phone? Unlocked phones give you the freedom to choose the model and carrier you want, without locking yourself into a long-term contract. You can own and use multiple phones, and you can also take advantage of lower rates from virtual operators piggybacking on the major carriers. This flexibility allows users to switch between different carriers without needing to change their phone, making unlocked phones popular among travelers, international users and those seeking more freedom and control over their mobile service options. Additionally, unlocked phones often come without pre-installed carrier bloatware, providing a cleaner and more customizable user experience.

Unlocked phones can also be a great cell phone option for kids or young adults who may be migrating off family plans in the near future, or for people who like the option of checking out the latest new phones or plans as soon as they are available.

You’ll find many cell phone accessories for unlocked phones, like cases, adaptors, chargers and more, to help you get the most from your phone. Other items you may want to consider include a power bank for convenient recharging of your phone on-the-go, and a cell phone signal booster or mobile hotspot to extend strong, reliable cellular coverage throughout your home or place of business. And don’t forget a screen protector to extend your phone’s lifespan!