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  1. Simple Mobile - Moxee 4G No-Contract Mobile Hotspot - Black

    Model: SMKOK779HSDC3PWP/779HSDG3P5P
    SKU: 6412518
    Your price for this item is $49.99
  2. Solis - Lite 4G LTE Global Wi-Fi Hotspot + PowerBank - Mobile Router, Lifetime Data Plan - Orange

    Your price for this item is $159.99
  3. NETGEAR - Nighthawk M6 5G WiFi 6 Hotspot - Black (Unlocked)

    Model: MR6150-100NAS
    SKU: 6530931
    Your price for this item is $699.99
  4. NETGEAR - Nighthawk M6 Pro 5G mmWave Wi-Fi 6E Hotspot - Black (Unlocked)

    Model: MR6550-100PAS
    SKU: 6545514
    Your price for this item is $899.99
    The previous price was $999.99
  5. NETGEAR - Nighthawk M6 Pro Mobile Hotspot - Black (AT&T)

    Model: MR6500-1A1NAS
    SKU: 6506928
    Your price for this item is $12.78per month
    for 36 months; 0% APR
  6. NETGEAR - Nighthawk M1 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot Router (Unlocked)

    Model: MR1100-100NAS
    SKU: 6297070
    Your price for this item is $199.99
  7. Verizon - Jetpack MiFi 8800L 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot - Gray

    Model: VZW MIFI 8800L HOTSPOT
    SKU: 6337080
    Your price for this item is $199.99
    with activation today
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Mobile hotspots: learning about portable Wi-Fi.

What is a mobile hotspot?

With so many people working and learning remotely, having a portable internet source is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. Whether you’re traveling with your business laptop, getting schoolwork done on a tablet while camping or downloading a new title to your e-reader at the beach, a mobile hotspot lets you access the internet when and where you need it.

A mobile hotspot connects to cellular data networks in your area, just like a cell phone does. It then opens that connection to your other devices by creating a local Wi-Fi signal that you can pick up on a device like a computer or tablet.

Many smartphones can also create a Wi-Fi hotspot for you in a pinch. However, having a separate mobile hotspot means that you won’t be running through your phone’s battery or using up your phone’s data plan by getting online.

How to use a hotspot.

You will need to combine your mobile hotspot with a data plan in order to use it. If you buy an unlocked or no-contract hotspot, you will have your choice of service provider. But, just like when you are phone shopping, you may get the best deal on your hotspot if you buy it with a specific service provider plan.

The kind of internet you can access is dictated by your hotspot’s capabilities. There are mobile hotspots with 5G connections as well as many hotspots with 4G LTE capabilities. Of course, your connection also depends on what kind of coverage there is in the area.

Portable Wi-Fi is only available in areas with cell service, but luckily, cell service is widespread. There are a lot of places where your hotspot can connect. If you’re on the road a lot, you might even consider looking into how to set up an in-car Wi-Fi hotspot. It can help you stay productive no matter where you go.

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