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More recognition. More leadership.

More Black ideas.
More Black makers.

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The digital future is coming. And we need to make sure the inequities of our past don’t continue into our future.

More voices. More dreaming big.

Meet individuals helping to close the gap on issues of inequity in the digital world.

Nicaila Matthews Okome

As a veteran podcaster, Nicaila knows a thing or two about starting your own venture. And over the last six years, she’s made an entire career about helping other Black women do the same thing through her company and podcast “Side Hustle Pro.” With almost 300 episodes and a solid following, she’s got the motivation, connections and life experience to offer genuine advice and support to her listeners. Now she owns her future—and she’s making it possible for her audience, too.

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Nicaila Matthews Okome

Debbie “ThatSoAlykat” Khaleel

As a gamer, host, content creator and streamer, Aly has been bringing her personality and gameplay to Twitch and YouTube for more than 6 years. With more than 10,000 followers on Twitch, her streams are filled with a variety of games, from story to action to more casual titles. She also has a history of promoting diversity and inclusion and, as a Community Manager for Noir Network and member of Black Girl Gamers, her work frequently entails supporting other Black Femmes to keep leveling up their careers.

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Best Buy’s commitment to equity

We’re seeking out and engaging with diverse suppliers, media, and other emerging BIPOC businesses and entrepreneurs.

Commitment aims to build a diverse tech ecosystem by breaking down systemic barriers to funding and empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Best Buy Teen Tech Center® programs provide tech access, training and mentorship to young people in disinvested communities.

St. Louis teens brewed up art, tunes for coffee company.

This GM doesn’t step away from a challenge.

Best Buy partners with communities to drive change.

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Building the equitable digital and physical spaces we all want to live, learn and thrive in.

From recycling and trade-in to eco-friendly tech, we’re working with you to protect our planet.

Amplifying Black voices.

Best Buy’s support for Black employees.

Racial injustice demands action — by all of us. As part of Best Buy’s commitment to doing better, we’re stepping up our efforts to achieve a more equitable future, both in the places we work and throughout our society. As we look back at the importance of Black history and the continuing challenges faced by Black Americans, we’re finding ways to support our Black employees as they advocate for positive change.

Our employees do not need to leave their identities and experiences at the door when they come to work — in fact, we encourage everyone to bring their whole self with them every day. It is crucial to support our Black employees, including their activism within broader movements such as Black Lives Matter (BLM). We are proud to have a place among companies that support BLM.

In addition, we’ve implemented other cross-company initiatives to strengthen our support for Black employees. Our Candid Conversations series has been a major platform to discuss urgent and difficult topics surrounding race, gender, global health and more. Beginning in 2021, Best Buy will make Juneteenth a company holiday, a time to commemorate the historic emancipation of enslaved people in the United States in 1865. In October 2020, we held our first ever Day of Unity — a day for Best Buy employees of all backgrounds, races, religions and abilities to show our unified support for social justice. Our diversity task force continues to look for ways to address injustice in our communities.

Along with investing in the well-being of our Black employees, we are investing in their careers with an increased emphasis on recruitment, hiring, retention and advancement. Our Black Employee Resource Group has played a major role in raising up this issue. The group also gives its members a chance to network, discover career development opportunities and build an uplifting community of support for each other.

Supporting the Black leaders of tomorrow.

Ensuring the future of tech is more equitable hinges on increased access, education and opportunities for all, and there are many ways we are building toward a brighter future within the communities in which we live and work. We are continuing to expand and invest in a network of education programs, mentorships, and scholarship initiatives across the country.

Perhaps most prominent among these are Best Buy Teen Tech Centers, where teens in disinvested communities can get hands-on with the latest technologies and learn about the possibilities they hold from mentors and peers. We hope to inspire a passion for tech that translates into a broader diversity in the STEM workforce of tomorrow.

As these teens progress further toward a career, we are offering internships and college scholarships to help them turn their dreams into reality. More experience. More opportunities. More of this.


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