moto 360

moto 360

Choose the watch that
makes time for you

All healthy relationships need space. Including the one with your phone. That’s why there’s the Moto 360 2nd Generation. It streamlines your mobile life by delivering the information that matters to you, giving you more time to do the things you love. With designs made specifically for men or women, it's easy to find the color, size, and style that fits you best. Also available, the Moto 360 Sport, a device that gives you everything you need for your run — without the need for your phone.

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Timeless Design

Stylish men’s and women’s collections.

Choose from watches tailored specifically for men and women, featuring contemporary case designs that let you switch between your favorite bands in seconds.

Better view.
All the way around.

The classic round design features edge-to-edge glass and an exceptionally thin bezel, giving you the most viewing area in the least amount of space.

Finely crafted.
Built to last.

The case is made from aircraft-grade 316L stainless steel and designed with scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass. With finishes available in rose gold, black, and silver, there’s one that’s perfect for you.

The Functionality You Need

Updates, not interruptions.

Stay connected and up to date by getting messages, news, weather and more without constantly having to check your phone.

Apps you’ll use all the time.

With Android Wear apps from Google Play, there’s no reason to rely on your phone for things you do every day. Have more fun and get more done with apps from Spotify, Shazam, and Ford.

Time on your terms.

Customize your Live Dials to fit your unique needs. Get information at a glance and jump to the apps you use most.

Voice and gesture control.

Sometimes you just can’t get to your phone. Schedule a meeting or find the nearest café using only your voice, or move back and forth through notifications with a simple flick of the wrist.

Calories burned.
Goals reached.

By tracking your activity, Moto Body can determine the calories you burn throughout the day to ensure you’re reaching your goals.

Heart activity.
Vital information.

Moto Body measures your heart rate every 5 minutes, then analyzes how active you are on a daily and weekly basis to help you stay fit.

Just a little push.

Receive spontaneous notifications throughout the day that keep you informed, up to date, and inspired. Plus get a weekly e-mail summarizing your progress, or even more detailed information using the Moto Body phone app.