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Whether you're just getting into the rich, deep sound of your favorite albums on vinyl, or it's a format you've always enjoyed, find a great selection of classics and new releases, right here.

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Find albums from Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews, Lamb of God and several other artists.

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Music at Best Buy

Music recording has been a huge part of our lives for as long as humans have recorded sound. Lately, audio technology and musical innovation have resulted in more robust, diverse, and ubiquitous music choices, so it's easier than ever before to create the soundtrack of your life.

Choose a Music Format

Digital music downloads make it easy to own single songs from albums, and streaming music services allow you to discover new music quickly. But many music purists lean toward the classic audio of vinyls — or albums on vinyl, which tend to deliver rich, full audio quality. And some prefer to experience their music on Blu-ray disc or DVD. Whichever your preference, you can find an extensive selection of music in the format you favor at Best Buy, as well as iTunes, Google Play and Spotify gift cards that allow you to download or stream music.

Shop by Music Genre

From rock music to rap music to country music, Best Buy has you covered with all the latest, and the best. You can shop from a wide variety of music genres, including the most popular new music releases in hip-hop and pop, to children's favorites and golden oldies.

Music New Releases

It's easy to discover new music at Best Buy. You'll find the most recent new music releases, along with last week's releases. We'll also line up those releases you've been waiting for in our Coming Soon and Next Week's Releases sections. Most of that newer music can be pre-ordered, so you can pre-order now and get it delivered as soon as it’s released.

Shop by Music Price

You can easily buy music by price at Best Buy. Round out your music library by finding classics or new music on sale. You can also find the perfect gift for the music lovers on your list. Even if you don't know exactly what kind of music they really like, you can buy digital music gift cards, which will allow them to download music from their favorite artists.