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SteelBook Collector Hub

Build a unique collection of movies and TV shows.

For longtime film buffs and new collectors, SteelBooks are the ultimate way to own and display treasured titles, with beautiful movie artwork printed on a solid metal case. Many of these SteelBooks are exclusive to Best Buy, so vote below for the titles you'd like to see released next.

Browse the list and grab your favorites before they sell out.

Take advantage of the savings on these great titles.

What is a SteelBook?

SteelBooks are adorned with unique artwork and beautiful finishing features printed on metal cases, perfect for displaying and safekeeping. There's also a very satisfying feeling of quality when you hold a SteelBook in your hands or when you click the case shut. Many collectors buy or build special displays for their Steelbooks or mount them on the walls of their home theater room.

SteelBooks you’ll find only at Best Buy.

We have a passion for SteelBooks and so we work closely with a number of studios to suggest new titles and secure SteelBooks that are exclusive to Best Buy. Some of the titles even contain extras like collectible booklets and artwork cards and inserts. Many of these exclusives sell out quickly, however, so be sure to pre-order your favorites.

Vote for new 4K SteelBooks.

Which 4K movies would you like to see in exclusive SteelBook packaging?

Images do not reflect final SteelBook artwork.

Vote for new 4K SteelBooks

Choose as many titles as you’d like.

The Punisher


Hurt Locker

La La Land


The Guns of Navarone

Vote for SteelBook rereleases.

Which movies should be available in a SteelBook case again?

Vote for SteelBook rereleases

Choose as many titles as you’d like.


Total Recall

Rambo: Last Blood


The Dark Tower

Atomic Blonde