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Nest Secure


Tough on bad guys.
Easy on you.

Meet the Nest Secure alarm system.

A whole new kind of Nest security.

Most security systems are designed around intruders. But you’re not an intruder.
Nest Secure is easy to live with. And it’s only tough when you need it to be.

Security hub

Nest Guard.

Alarm, keypad, motion sensor and the brains of the system

Motion detectors

Nest Detect.

The sensor that looks out for doors, windows and rooms.

Security tag

Nest Tag.

The easiest way to arm and disarm. Without a passcode.


Nest app.

Know what's happening at home from anywhere.

Woman in home

Nest Secure alarm system starter pack.

The Nest Secure alarm system is designed around you. It's easy to use and live with every day. And only tough when you need it to be.

Arm and disarm however you like.

Use the Nest app from anywhere, tap Nest Tag on Nest Guard or enter a passcode on the keypad.*

Get Remind Me alerts.

If you forget to arm your alarm, you can get a Remind Me alert on your phone.*

Look out for doors, windows and rooms.

Nest Detect knows when a door or window opens or when there's motion in a room.

See Nest Secure in action

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Cellular backup, just in case.

It all works over Wi-Fi. But you can sign up for cellular backup* in case your Wi-Fi goes down.
(Sold separately for $5/month.)

Nest Secure alarm system with Nest Cam Outdoor pack.

This exclusive package, available only at Best Buy, includes a Nest Cam Outdoor with the Nest Secure alarm system starter pack. Nest Cam Outdoor is weatherproof, streams live video 24/7 and plugs into power so you never have to worry about dead batteries.

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Home security kit
Range extender

Connect the far corners of your home.

The Nest Connect range extender keeps Nest Detect connected to Nest Guard when it's located far away or in a dead zone. First, set up the Nest Secure alarm system. If any Nest Detects are going offline periodically, you may want to consider buying and installing Nest Connect.

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Brinks home security

24/7 professional monitoring.
Someone's always got your back.

Get an extra layer of security with professional monitoring by Brinks Home Security. Choose from month-to-month or longer-term plan options.* And cellular backup is included, so you and Brinks Home Security will continue to get alerts from Nest Secure if your Wi-Fi goes down.**


Nest Secure notifies Brinks Home Security.

If an alarm is triggered, Nest Secure quickly notifies Brinks Home Security's monitoring center. Their highly trained experts are on alert 24/7.


They jump into action.

In a matter of seconds, Brinks Home Security reaches out to you and your top emergency contacts via phone and text to confirm the alarm is real.


Brinks Home Security calls the police.

If the alarm is verified, or if no one on your list can be reached, they will request a police dispatch. They'll stay engaged until the situation is resolved.

Call Brinks Home Security at 1-800-546-2266 to learn about 24/7 professional monitoring options for Nest Secure.