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Wireless Speed FAQ.

Wireless internet can seem like a total mystery. Plenty of people pay for a fast download speed from their ISP to see it perform at a fraction of the speed. Here, we'll break down the basics so you can understand the workings behind your home internet speed.

Download Speed, Upload Speed and Speed Tests

Checking your internet speed is the first step in understanding potential network problems. We recommend heading to our speed test and following the prompts. The most important number to look at is your download speed. The download speed measures how fast your internet connection receives and processes data from the web. A higher download speed means less buffering and wait time. Upload speed refers to how quickly your devices can send or upload data to the internet. The upload speed is usually lower than download speed and is not something to be alarmed about.

Stay Up-to-Date with Wireless Networking Standards

If a modern network is what you're after, make sure your wireless networking standard is the latest and greatest. As of now, Wireless AC is the fastest standard of wireless connection. Wireless N, B and G are older formats. Upgrade your router to Wireless AC for faster wireless speeds.

Wireless Channels

Your router broadcasts Wi-Fi through certain channels. Sometimes the channels get too crowded. Switch up your channel to something with less traffic. Check out the Wifi Analyzer app for Android to scan for the least commonly used Wi-Fi channels.

Bandwidth Allocation

Your router gives pieces of bandwidth to each and every connected device. The more devices you have, the smaller the piece. If speed is important, be mindful of how many devices you connect at once. If you have a newer router, it may be able to dedicate more bandwidth to priority devices — making your speed work where it counts.

For more info on speed and how your home network works, check out our article on Home Networking 101.

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