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Operation Warcade - PlayStation 4

Publisher:Perpetual Games
Release Date:09/04/2018
ESRB Rating:
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Experience epic commando action with Operation Warcade for the PlayStation 4. Its classic mode recreates the storyline and six-stage game play of the late 80s coin-operated arcade game Operation Wolf, providing a nostalgic feel. Play Operation Warcade on immersive mode to take on new missions and gain upgrades from more challenging levels.


Classic side-scrolling action with a huge difference

Thanks to virtual reality and the innovative immersion system, you actually move inside the video game

Every map in the game has a number of different immersion points

Shooting these immersion points causes you to warp through the game's matrix, playing as if you were physically within the environment

These moments are exciting, varied, and well-executed

Some immersion points even put you in the driver's seat

Steer a jeep with one hand and fire an Uzi through the windshield with the other, or soar through the air in a jet while spraying an aircraft carrier with missiles

What's Included

  • Operation Warcade