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Back to the basics with pellet grills.

Fueled by premium hardwood pellets generating heat and smoke, infuse your food with a savory wood-fired seasoning.

Charcoal grills for your favorite foods.

Sear and smoke like a pro with the power of charcoal for high-temperature grilling done your way.

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Accessories to enhance your grilling experience.

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Buying an outdoor grill.

Choosing the best grill for you.

Summertime calls for as much outdoor living as possible, which means grilling and backyard entertaining are frequent occurrences. Whether you’re buying your first grill or replacing the one you already have, you’ll want your BBQ grill to have the features to make your food and gatherings sizzle. Enjoy cooking outdoors over an open flame powered by gas, charcoal or pellet heat. There are also specialized smoker grills for slow-cooking flavorful meats. If convenience and speed are your top priorities, gas and electric grills provide the same ease as using your kitchen stove.

Gas grills are fueled by a propane tank or accessed through a permanent gas line. Electric grills only require an outlet to operate, which makes them an extremely portable and apartment-deck-friendly outdoor cooking option. Plus, some are designed with infrared technology that delivers consistently high heat for perfectly seared steaks in a short amount of time. If you’re old-school when it comes to barbeque, you’ll appreciate the distinctive smoky flavor that the briquettes in a charcoal grill infuse in your food. Pellet grills are know for steady heat and adding flavor while cooking. For more grill advice, see our shopping guide to decide what type of grill is best for you. Additionally, it’s a good idea to compare BBQ grills to see which ones have features like food-prep areas for chopping veggies and compartments for storing grill accessories like a food thermometer. Whether you have your eye on a grill with side burners for grill pans and griddles or a small grill for tailgating, make your search easier by exploring the large selection of outdoor grills at Best Buy.

Making the most of your backyard grill.

Not only does your outdoor grill enhance your options for food preparation, but it can also fuel fun cookouts with friends and family. Instead of spending all your time indoors while your guests are outside, arrange patio furniture near your barbeque grill and relax as you prepare dinner. Stock a cooler full of ice with refreshing beverages and chilled food waiting to be placed on the hot grates. While the meal cooks, put your favorite music on the outdoor speakers or turn on the outdoor TV to watch the big game. To ensure your Wi-Fi connection is strong enough to support your entertainment, invest in a wireless router that extends your home’s internet network coverage to your patio or deck. After your grilling creations are complete, sit back and enjoy the company under the glow of patio lights.